Xiaomi was recently discovered to have passed a new patent via the Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co, Ltd., that aims to debut a new product, the Smart Glasses, that has phototherapeutic capabilities that bring light treatment. The device would go alongside smartwatches that are intended to detect different body statuses including heart rate and blood saturation

The popular Chinese consumer electronics and technology company, Xiaomi, has released a massive number of their products that constitute personal, home, and business uses, but this would be one of the firsts for health. Originally nicknamed as "Apple of China" because of the many products that aim to answer different uses like the Cupertino giant.

Xiaomi has debuted another wearable device that is intended for health and wellness, along with light therapy, that would be beneficial for people who have eye fatigue and brain diseases. Xiaomi's previous wearable device is a smartwatch that resembles the Apple Watch and features similar functions, including heart rate monitor, blood O2 saturation, blood pressure indicator, etc.

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Xiaomi Patents Smart Watch with Light Therapy

Xiaomi Could be Making a Foldable Smartphone With 108MP Camera; It Is Also Releasing MIUI 12
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A logo sits illuminated outside the Xiaomi booth on day 2 of the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2019 on February 26, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. The annual Mobile World Congress hosts some of the world's largest communications companies, with many unveiling their latest phones and wearables gadgets like foldable screens and the introduction of the 5G wireless networks.

According to IT Home's report, Xiaomi's unnamed Smart Glasses would integrate 4detection and several therapeutic treatments that would help the users in different problems that only show themselves without warnings. Several brain diseases and mental illnesses from prolonged exposure to technology develop themselves through the years, but therapy can help in these problems.

The Xiaomi patent says that it would bring smart glasses and a smart glasses case with it, with speculations saying that the case would be a protective box that also provides charging for the eyewear. The patent details that it would emit therapeutic signals that focuses on phototherapy signals and wave signals.

Apart from light, it would also utilize sound waves to address mental illness, with the Smart Glasses being an all-in-one tool and wearable gadget that would help in fixing these issues that would manifest surprisingly. Sound waves would be emitted via Bone Conduction, which only requires the glasses to be placed at a certain location near the ears, not necessarily earphones.

Xiaomi New Smartwatch, Patent Unsure of Product Release

Patents are documents that do not necessarily mean that its debuted products would come for the consumer electronics' public release. Sometimes, patents only fall as prototypes but would be discontinued due to different factors as revealed by the company.

Moreover, the smart glasses was initially debuted by Huawei, offering only a fashion feature that can answer, take, and end calls via a series of buttons on the arms that extend to the ears. The same buttons can also play, pause, or skip music on the phone.

According to Gizchina, a new Xiaomi Smartwatch would soon debut, also adding more therapeutic properties, and joins the smartphone in delivering different processes and alerts to its users via wearable technology.

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