Hive Social App: The Trendiest Social Media App on Twitter Is Run by One-Woman?
(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter/Honey (@honeyxmua)) Hive Social app will launch soon on Android.

The newest social media application, Hive Social became the loudest discussion on Twitter, after several followers joined the crowd in knowing and hearing what it offers to the users, especially to Gen Z.

While the Hive reported that their application is like Instagram, an app bought for $1 billion by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, it offers a smoother scrolling thanks to the absence of the 'irritating' ads. The hype is already set for the Twitter and Facebook users to try the most trending app so far.

What is Hive Social?

According to Distractify, Hive Social could be the next Instagram, plus an upgraded interface design. In addition, the said app also lets you scroll over interesting topics that are in line with your taste like gaming and fashion, through its "feed" and grid.

What's fascinating about Hive Social is you can select songs of your choice for your Hive profile. Although the first songs are free, the rest will cost $9.99 a pop.

Since it escalated to the trending apps on Twitter, logging in the Hive Social generated some troubles because there is an influx of new users who downloaded and tried the app. As a result, the servers were experiencing 'down' moments.

Hive Social, in fact, was not a brand-new social networking app. It was launched in October 2019, which at the time was undergoing some developments for the users to fully enjoy their app-experience.

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On February 2, 130,000 users rushed on Twitter to hear some news about the Hive Social app. It is clearly evident that the invasion of the users made Hive alive at that time. Some already created 'meme-worthy' posts about the social media that everyone is curious about.

So why Hive instead of Instagram?

As mentioned a while ago, it was similar to IG, yet the interest to test the app among the influencers was high. On Instagram, a user will need to gather at least 10,000 followers before unlocking the 'Swipe-Up' feature in your IG Story. It will only be possible by posting the link in your bio as a promotion.

In Hive Social, there is no need for you to reach 10,000 followers before enjoying the said feature. Additional updates will be included in the future announcements of the app.

Hive was run by a One-Woman team, really?

A female user named Kassandra, who is also known as Honey on Twitter, was the mastermind behind the creation of the Hive. She shared that the Hive Social welcomes all people from various communities regardless if they are regular persons or influencers like bloggers who have the appetite for different interests like travel, cars, business, food, and other forms of fascination.

Moreover, Kassandra mentioned that the app helps the users pick their preferred content so that they can engage with the different topics in chronological order in their feed, plus the new feature to pick songs of their choice for their profile.

Furthermore, users will feel more freedom in navigating the Hive. Every one can monetize their accounts upon signing up. Kassandra told that it was the biggest news especially for affiliate marketers who will now rely on captioning and posting anything that they love to promote to the public, Her Paper Route posted.

New Feature Soon

Since Hive Social is only limited to Apple users, Kassana said that she is soon releasing a 'live stream' feature soon. The availability of the social media app to Android users is also part of her plan.

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