Although things aren't back to the pre-pandemic type of normal, the world will still be celebrating the upcoming Valentine's Day, which is just right around the corner. To help celebrate the event, Razer is offering some great deals and discounts that people can gift to themselves, a family member or a friend, or their significant others. 

Razer Valentine's Day 2021 Deals

According to GameSpot, Razer is specifically giving discounts for a handful of pink Quartz PC gaming accessories.

The Valentine's Day sale will run until Feb. 20 at Best Buy.

All of the Razer PC gaming accessories included in the Valentine's Day sale will feature Razer's RGB Chroma lighting that can be synced into other devices and customized to the user's preferences.

Although everything on sale is in the color pink, Chroma is available in over 16 million colors.

Here is a list of discounted Razer gaming accessories and sets available for Valentine's Day deal:

  • Blackwidow V3 gaming keyboard - $119 (originally at $140)
  • Viper Ultimate gaming mouse - $127.49 (originally at $150)
  • Goliathus Chroma gaming mouse pad - $51 (originally at $60)
  • Kraken gaming headset with free Base Station - $80
  • Kraken Kitty gaming headset - $127.49 (originally at $150)
  • Razer Base Station V2 headset stand - $68 (originally at $80)

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Kraken Kitty and Blackwidow V3 Discounted

Among the list of products available, the Kraken Kitty gaming headset is perhaps one of the most popular, often seen on streamers, especially women in the gaming industry.

It is unique not just for the adorable cat ears that could light up based on the colors the users want, but it also reacts to the emotes that the audience sends, plus triggers alerts, and a lot more, making it a useful gaming and streaming accessory.

So, for people finding the perfect gift to their partners, this could be a great choice.

Nevertheless, those who aren't fond of the cat ears headsets can get the normal Kraken headset, which comes with the free headset stand.

The Blackwidow V3 gaming keyboard is also a sought after product, coming from Razer's popular Blackwidow gaming keyboard series.

Saving on Razer Blad Pro 17

In related news, it also seems that Amazon Australia is shaving off half the price of Razer Blade Pro 17 laptop, so it's now available at $3,699 (around US$2,832) compared to the original price of $6,899 (around US$5,282), according to Kotaku.

The Razer Blade Pro 17 includes a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 10875H processor and has a clock speed of 5.1GHz, and runs on Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card with a 17.3-inch display.

Upon checking on Amazon in the US, it seems like the same Razer gaming laptop is also discounted, with consumers being able to purchase it for only $2,899.99 compared to its original price at $3,199.99.

Razer is one of the biggest manufacturers of gaming PCs, laptops, and accessories in the industry and has long been loved by gaming fans, so the deals and discounts available for the season are some of the best ways to save money for these gaming accessories.

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