"Dead by Daylight" Mid-Chapter Update now rippled across the horror gaming community as players seek for the new 4.5.0 patch notes this week. Behaviour Interactive only intensified the gameplay through several game changes and the possible addition of the DLC in the future. The latest game balance involving three killers finely-tuned the tempo of the game.

What to Look For 'Dead by Daylight' Mid-Chapter Update

According to Comic Book, three killers from the survival multiplayer game received some game balance in recent patch notes: the Clown, the Trapper, and the Wraith.

The Clown


  • Antidote and Tonic bottles are now added for Clown

  • Click Secondary Power for your preference what to use

  • To refill bottles, hold the Secondary Power

  • From 5s, Reload time now becomes 3s

Antidote bottles

  • After 2.5s, the gray cloud turns into yellow

  • Antidote clouds can only be active for 7.5s

  • Throwing two bottles at the same time will not work

  • The clown can also be "invigorated" when he passes through the Antidote cloud

  • For 5s, you will gain a 10% move speed bonus when invigorated

  • Pass through yellow antidote when you are intoxicated to remove the status


  • Terror Radius & Chase music now added for Clown

The Trapper

  • You can only have six attempts when escaping from a bear trap which has a 16.6% success rate for every attempt

  • Escape chance reduction addons now increase and number of attempts and decrease the chance per attempt

The Wraith

  • Wraith is entirely invisible if he is 20 m away from survivors

  • Uncloak speed boost duration now up to 1.25 s from 1.0s

  • Fixed missing bone-rattle sound at the start of cloaking animation

  • Fixed the uncloaking issue when the Wraith breaks the pallet or the generator.

  • Fixed the issue on Wraith's "The Serpent" that resets uncloaking after an interaction. Wraith will now be entirely uncloaked but could now attack survivors with granted speed boost after breaking the wall, pallet, or even inflicting damage to the generator.

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Additional Updates

Tome VI & The Gilded Stampede Event

  • Tome VI for The Archives to launch on Feb. 10th at 11 AM ET

  • The Gilded Stampede event to begin on Feb. 11th at 11 AM ET

New HUD Layout

  • The widget for player status is tweaked. The animation is improved and the status widget is now located on the screen's left side. The changes that happened make the player names more readable.

  • Objectives can now be seen at the top center of the screen so they will be more noticeable for the players.

  • Alerts about status effects and score events are now located on the right side of the screen.

Some Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where Survivor would not be able to nod their head up/down anymore.

  • Fixed an issue where Survivor characters would stutter changing direction quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where the players would be able to steer character during Dead Hard.

To look for the complete patch notes of the "Dead by Daylight" Mid-Chapter Update, visit this "Dead by Daylight" forum. Remember that all you have to do is to survive the upcoming events as a survivor and be brutal in carrying out tasks as a killer. More horror crossovers will come in the future updates!

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