The "open in app" popup that appears when you view a YouTube video on Reddit has infuriated many users since it appears at the bottom of the screen and makes the experience very inconvenient. Reddit suggests that in order to view the video, you first have to download the Reddit app itself. As first reported by Android police, this has aroused many complaints from Reddit users. However, recent reports show that the popup is now disabled permanently. 

How to Disable 'Open in App' Popup When Watching a YouTube Video on Reddit
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New Media Options for Reddit Users

Last summer, Reddit made many changes to support different options for user experience. They have since then enabled the support of live streaming and featuring videos from rival competitors such as YouTube. Many have complained about how all added features took too long to be implemented in the platform. Back in July, reddit has also supported uploading galleries without using third-party apps. It has been a huge improvement for users since they can now post multiple photos natively to support their forum conversations. All of these changes have been answers to many demands by Reddit users and have finally arrived in Reddit.

However, with the improvements still come inconveniencies such as the Open in app popup that appears when users stream YouTube videos. Disabling the pop-up has just been a secret to some users for some time. Now it is open for the public to know and use themselves for a popup-free experience. 

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Disabling the 'Open in-app' Popup on Reddit Permanently

According to Android Headlines, the "open in-app" is a matter of Setting control. When heading over to a link of a piece of YouTube video that was sent to you from someone, there usually will appear a "See this post in... Reddit App" popup. You will see this popup at the bottom of your interface. 

In order to disable the popup and to permanently prevent the prompt from appearing ever again, you need to select the three lines menu button located at the top right corner of your Reddit interface. 

Next, you need to head over to the settings. Once you go to the settings, you will see a box that has an "Ask to Open in App" label. You need to uncheck the box so that you will no longer need to see a prompt ever again.

Some users may have been aware of these settings for quite some time now, but for others it may be fairly new. By changing the Reddit setting on your account you won't see the "Ask to Open in App" or even the "Use App" advert ever again on your screen.

Having these options is a great leap for Reddit. This shows that along with the many changes that it brings to promote the website, they are leaving options for users to opt not to download the app. Giving users the autonomy to do so makes the platform a more comfortable choice. 

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