Instagram Now Detects Harassing Private DMs and Issues Warnings: 'Stricter Penalties' Will be Issued
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Instagram Now Detects Harassing Private DMs and Issues Warnings: 'Stricter Penalties' Will be Issued

Instagram has known to have enough of different users sending certain abusive and harassing DMs or direct messages through the platform and will now back it with a strong warning that goes to anyone who would continually do so. In a recent update on the additional steps, the platform is taking moves to reduce the abuse as it warns that it will reportedly be issuing some "stricter penalties" moving forward.

Instagram disables accounts

According to Instagram, the users who are found to violate the platform's rules when it comes to DMs repeatedly, they will be having their own account disabled. This is also a very severe step over the noted previous penalty. This involves actually disabling the offending user from actually sending some additional messages for a given restricted time period.

A particular user who has had their own account disabled for this particular reason will not be able to make another account in an effort to move around the given penalty. Beyond that, Instagram also notes that it will be working along with the UK law enforcement when it actually comes to requests for the legal data in certain cases of messaged hate speech.

Instagram policies towards abuse and harassment

Instagram has also noted that its very own policy when it comes to hate speech also covers the abusive comments as well as posts that are supposedly based on protected characteristics. This reportedly includes content like blackface that would reportedly fall in the said hate speech category.

According to the story by SlashGear, The company noted that it has already addressed 6.5 million instances of the said hate speech coming from July all the way to September 2020 which is reportedly 95% was reportedly found before it could even be reported by other users. Instagram also notes that its very proactive AI-based warnings whenever someone is reportedly about to post something deemed unacceptable have been able to help the company reduce the total abusive content.

As well, the given comment filters certain users have access to have also reportedly helped protect the platform from those particular types of content. Everyone will then be able to soon get access to this feature that would allow them to disable certain DMs coming from people that they do not actually follow.

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Instagram works with UK law enforcement

The disabled users would not be able to reportedly make another account with the same credentials. However, it remains to be seen if they were to use other fake credentials to make new accounts on Instagram. The workaround has not yet been confirmed but could pose quite a threat to those trolls on instagram instigating hate speech without revealing their identification. However, the stakes may be higher due to instagram's decision to work with the UK law enforcement in order to properly deal with the supposed users that are engaging in certain hate speech or abuse and harassment.

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