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One and Done Workout, the name speaks itself that it is a unique workout plan. This amazing exercise plan has been designed by a quite well-known fitness trainer "Meredith Shirk". The reason for her fame is quite obvious which is her work towards the creation of various fitness programs. The most unique thing about this workout plan is that it does not bind its followers to use the heavy equipment of the gym. Moreover, you are not required to waste a lot of your precious time just because of this exercise plan.

This amazing exercise plan mainly focuses on low-impact and high-intensity exercises. It has been claimed on the official website of this workout plan that by following this program, you will be able to achieve all your fitness goals as you would be able to lose the extra weight and get the desired body shape. Moreover, you will be able to gain the advantages of a longer cardio routine by just doing the hard activity for 60 seconds per day.

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Why Should Workout Be Considered Important?

There is no doubt in saying that workout is a really essential thing and it must be the part of every individual's routine. Waking up early in the morning in the cold days of winter is not an easy thing at all and there are a lot of people who cannot follow this routine. Even though you will see some of the people start doing this but eventually they will be seen giving up on this as well. Therefore, along with setting up your fitness goals, it is equally important to select a routine that can be followed easily. In fact, you should select a routine that feels more like fun rather than performing a duty only so that it can be followed easily for a long run.

In the fitness industry, the trends have been changed now. New workout regimens have been set up that does not require any special equipment; in fact, the weight of your body itself helps you in shedding off those extra pounds from your body. These exercises are referred to as HIIT i.e. High-Intensity Interval Training workouts.

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What Is One And Done Workout?

As discussed above, One and Done Workout is an incredibly created program for people who do not have enough time in their routine to follow along and time taking exercise schedule, and also for other people as well so that they can save their time and get the same amazing outcomes that they usually get after spending a lot of their precious time at the gym. The best part about this program is that it is digital and thus easily accessible. This program is based on exercises that can be followed easily being completely online and designed after the live training sessions of the well-known fitness trainer Meredith Shirk. The primary concern of this fitness program is to boost up your metabolism in a natural way. This goal is accomplished with the help of a training program known as the SIT i.e. Spring Interval Training. SIT requires you to do exercise for 20 seconds and then you are supposed to allow your body to take a rest for one minute. This cycle needs to be repeated for 7 minutes. This program consists of exceptionally high definition videos and comprises various combinations of exercises that are supposed to be followed for 14 days.

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How Does This Program Work?

One and Done Workout program works in a quite effective and unique manner. The best thing about this program is that it does not require a lot of your time.

Like all the other exercises, first of all, you are supposed to do a warm-up. After that, you have to put forward your best effort for the next 20 seconds. Then, as mentioned above, you have to give a rest to your body for the next one minute so that your muscles and heart can get some time to calm down.

The same thing is supposed to be repeated for 7 minutes. Once those 7 minutes are completed, this means that you are completely done with the workout session.

One more amazing this about this workout plan is that it is not limited to any particular level. Whether you are an expert or you are a beginner, this is for all of you and can be followed easily. The main point that needs to be understood over here is that no one is supposed to do the exercises with anyone else's maximum intensity or compare themselves with someone else while doing that. Instead, you have to see how intense you can go. If you are working out for the mentioned time period with your complete intensity then you are surely going to get the desired outcomes as you are efficiently following the One and Done Workout program.

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How Is This Program Different From The HIIT?

People who are linked with such kinds of things are very well aware that the HIIT i.e. High-Intensity Interval Training is not much of a new concept. In fact, it has been considered as one of the most famous workout trends in recent years.

Now the point arises what makes it different from the other training and fitness programs? In order to find the answer, give a read to the details discussed below.

The main difference between these two is their names. The One and Done Workout program is called the SIT i.e. Sprint Interval Training by the creator of this program.

During the rest period in the SIT, you are allowed to move your body lightly while you are taking rest in between the exercise so that your body remains flexible and loose. Due to this, your body gets time for an active recovery instead of a complete downtime recovery and in this way, the risk of injury is reduced.

In addition to this, Sprint Interval Training has been designed specially to help you lose weight and burn away the extra fat from your body. Your metabolic multipliers get activated and your body gets prepared in order to burn the fat with the help of the One and Done Workout program. Usually, these fat-burning effects last for about 24 hours in most people, but it has also been observed that in some people, they last for about 48 hours.


It has specifically been mentioned by the creator of this program that it is an entirely different workout plan from all the forms of exercises.

There is one more thing that must be kept in mind that the terminology Sprint Interval Training (SIT) has not come into existence by this program. In fact, you all must know that it is a modified form of the HIIT i.e. High-Intensity Interval Training.  The Sprint Interval Training (SIT) is highly recommended for your cardiovascular health, weight loss aid, and a lot of health benefits by the "American Stroke Association" and also by the "American Heart Association".

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What Are The Benefits Of One And Done Workout Program?

As mentioned above, the One and Done Workout program have a lot of health benefits for its followers. It is not at all your typical workout plan. It is entirely different from others and aids you in your weight loss journey in unique ways. Some of its advantages have been discussed below:

  • Increases your tolerance: This is one of the most essential qualities that every individual should have but unfortunately, you will find this thing in few people. With the help of this amazing program, you will be able to endurance. You will be able to do everything quite easily in your life without giving up or running away from anything whether it is difficult or easy for you.

  • Gives you a good sleep: It is a quite obvious thing that people who regularly do exercise are able to have a deep and relaxing sleep. The same goes with this workout plan as well. It does the same as other exercises do. You will be able to rest and sleep deeply and in this way, you will wake up refreshed. Moreover, you will be able to perform all your duties in a much better way.

  • Increases your muscle power: Since this program comprises the sprint interval workout, it helps in increasing the muscle power in the lower half of your body and this, in turn, increases your core strength. It has been observed that people who are following this workout plan have strong and tight thigh and butt muscles.

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  • Makes your metabolism stronger: With the help of this workout program, your body gets the power to burn more calories and in this way, the rate at which your body fat is burned gets increased and you get the desired body in a short time period. You will see noticeable changes in your metabolism over time by making it a part of your routine.

  • Gives more flexibility: This workout has been designed in a way that more amount of oxygen is pumped into your muscles due to it, and it is quite obvious that when your muscles get oxygen in good amounts, they become stronger and flexible. This means if you are doing this workout more, then definitely you will be able to get flexible and stronger muscles than ever before. Moreover, you will be able to do all those moves easily that seems to be difficult for you earlier.

  • Quick weight loss: It has been discussed above as well that this amazing workout plan is no doubt a quick weight loss aid for people. It has the potential to help you burn calories from your body in a short period of time and get the desired body shape quite easily.

  • Increases your confidence: It is quite obvious that people who have a good body and are fit and healthy have good confidence as well. You do not feel shy in front of people and do not feel embarrassed while attending any public gathering. Therefore, investing in your health and fitness is the best decision that you can ever take.

What Is The Suitable Age For This Workout Plan?

There is obviously a reason for calling this workout program unique from all of the others. One of the reasons is that this program has been designed after keeping under consideration the comfort and needs of everyone. Whatever is your age, gender, or fitness level, you are free to use it. One astonishing fact is that it can be followed by the people in their 60s and 70s.

Is There A Need Of Any Equipment For This Workout?

It has already been mentioned above as well that this amazing workout plan does not require any equipment. Whatever is comfortable for you, you can easily start with that and keep on increasing that gradually. In this program, your own body weight is used in order to help you lose the extra fat in your body. This means that you can do it anywhere be it your backyard or your living room and or any other space where you feel comfortable.

How To Buy One and Done Workout?

One and Done Workout can easily be bought from its official website. You just have to open its website and place your order. The best thing is that it is available at an amazingly affordable rate which is $29. Moreover, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee as well for the people who are not satisfied enough. Therefore, hurry up and place your order.

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Who is Meredith Shirk?

Do you know about Meredith Shirk? There is a high chance that most of the readers would remember her from her Instagram profile, fitness videos, and Svelte Training company. She is the creator of the One and Done Workout program, helping thousands of people get their body confidence back.

Meredith is a certified and professional fitness coach with more than ten years of experience. She has multiple associations with fitness brands and sports companies. With this One and Done Workout plan, she aims to help those people who can't go to a gym or afford to hire a personal trainer. The simple exercises inside this manual can be done at home, without requiring assistance or help.

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One and Done Workout Reviews Final Verdict:

One and Done Workout is an incredible digital workout plan that has been specifically designed for people to achieve their fitness goals quite easily and within a short time period. You all agree with the fact workout should be easier and accessible to everyone. Therefore, keeping this thing in mind, this program has been created. In addition to this, it is available at a really affordable rate and can be bought easily from its official website. Therefore, you all are suggested to give a try to One and Done Workout and you will definitely see noticeable changes in yourself.

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