Facebook's Health and Wellness Smartwatch To Be Released To Match Apple Watch!
(Photo : David Ramos/Getty Images) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spearheads the upcoming release of Health and Wellness Smartwatch

After failing to impress the heavily-saturated smartphone market through Facebook Phone, the social networking service company now pursues to launch a smartwatch that will feature health and wellness and messaging.

Facebook Plans To Launch A Smartwatch 

Facebook seems to be fully invested in pushing its capacities to market a supplemental smartwatch for the public. The said product will focus on improving health data among people especially in the midst of numerous diseases that continue to develop.

In fact, when people talk about smartwatches, the first thing that comes to their mind is the Apple Watch. The wearable device of the tech giant has been around for years and has shown a progressive improvement over time.

An unknown person who has knowledge about the upcoming wearable told The Information that Facebook plans to create a top-notch device that will support the Android operating system. More importantly, it will allow the persons who wear the product to relay messages through Facebook services which could notify them of features related to health and fitness.

"Facebook's planned foray into smartwatches would inch the company further toward CEO Mark Zuckerberg's aim of controlling the next computing platforms after smartphones," the news site reported.

Health features such as consumption warnings will be included in the smartwatch. Given this technological adoption, Facebook seems to be promising in entering a new market to heighten the growing competition of wearable gadgets.

After purchasing Oculus in 2014 to venture with virtual reality headsets, Facebook initiated the release of the Portal video chat-enabled smart displays in 2018. Furthermore, the company could also dwell on eye-wear products that feature Ray-Bans-branded smart glasses that could be launched this year along with Project Aria, a project that focuses on augmented reality.

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Meanwhile, it is also reported that Facebook could be developing its own system, so it will not rely now on the services provided by Android. Besides Apple, the company will also compete with Google which just acquired Fitbit to expand its wearable products for the consumers and investors.

Facebook Should Focus on Innovating Its Smartwatch

There is no dispute that Apple is the king of smartwatches for the current period. The company led by CEO Tim Cook posted impressive ratings for a smartwatch brand, which triggers for other competing companies to raise their standard when it comes to wearable devices.

Each year, Apple Watch seems to get better through its whole-new innovation which features a lot of improvements of a past product, Explica reported. While Facebook wants to invade the smartwatch market, it might be quite late for them unless it immediately presents a game-changing difference for its products.

Apple has been boasting its health monitoring devices with built-in ECG. The algorithm-based product is packed with a sensor which helps for tracking support, like detecting blood glucose level through an app. Aside from Apple, Google has been consistent when it comes to smartwatches.

Both companies have been evaluating customer needs through subscription services that utilize data gathered by the smartwatch to ensure that tracking of health problems will be their main priority for the consumers.

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