With six years of gaming on its belt, "Rainbow Six Siege" is still here, and gamers could not get enough of the action-packed shooting title by Ubisoft. With that in mind, the game developers are rolling out a new update for its Year Six - Season One Crimson Heist campaign along with a new operator and a secondary gun that fires a single explosive round.

New Operator For 'Rainbow Six Siege'

"Rainbow Six Siege" upcoming update for its Crimson Heist campaign will feature a new operator by the name of Flores. The Washington Post reports that the new operator will be equipped with a small gadget called the RCE-Ratero that functions as a small, detonating radio drone.

The drone packs a serious punch as it functions as a C4 in the game and mostly be used in high ELO-ranked and competitive play to flank enemy lines.

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IGN had an exclusive interview with "Rainbow Six Siege" art director Alexander Karpazis and gave a detailed insight on how the new operator can be exploited on the battlefield. Karpazis stated that Flores is a crafty character based on heist movies such as "Ocean's Eleven" and "Leon, the Professional."

Karpazis continued that Flores' RCE-Ratero can destroy gadgets plated by the defenders, can open rotation wholes, and threaten defenders in "Rainbow Six Siege." Also, the art director mentions weaknesses for the new operator, saying that operators who have skills to shut down drones such as Mute and anything to disable the drone with the exception of Mozzie, who cannot control Flores' drone.

Moreover, "Rainbow Six Siege" adds the Gonne-6 secondary gun feature in the game that attackers can specifically loadout to breach the defenders' defenses in the game. The Gonne-6 is a single fire pistol that attackers can use to clear out gadgets the opposing team has planted in the area.

Besides that, the "Rainbow Six Siege" art director stated that the Border Map would be reworked in this season with the biggest changes are the bombsites that feature tellers and bathrooms to make it a bit spacious for defenders to move around.

'Rainbow Six Siege' To Feature 'Resident Evil' Elite Skin

Shacknews reports that "Rainbow Six Siege" new season brings a collaboration with another gaming franchise, Capcom, as it features a Jill Valentine skin for one of the operators in the game, Zofia.

The Jill Valentine skin for Zofia is a classic look from one of the earliest games from Capcom. The skin comes with other looks from Jill, including the S.T.A.R.S. Uniform with the signature beret.

Take note that Ubisoft Montreal and Capcom's collaboration will not end there as the developer will have a second 'Resident Evil' skin lined up at the end of the year.

This collaboration from Ubisoft to other game developers continues as last year in February; Ash received a special Tomb Raider set with the collaboration from game publisher Square Enix and its developer Crystal Dynamics.

The Elite Skin for Zofia will be available in the upcoming Crimson Heist campaign in Ubisoft's 'Rainbow Six Siege.'

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