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To anyone who is developing a VR game but doesn't know how to get it published, you are in luck. One of the most senior VR studios nDreams, a developer and publisher of VR games, is looking for developers to strike a deal with.

nDreams announced creating a $2 million fund that the company will use to co-fund and publish VR titles created and developed by third-party developers.

nDreams VR investment

The studio stated that they are currently looking for VR games that embrace the medium's immersive, high-agency potential, which means that only true VR natives can apply, according to nDreams.

nDreams added that aside from giving development funds, the studio will also offer publishing support, market knowledge, first-party relationships, data insights and game marketing & sales experience. Also, the company stated that it can give QA, production, localization, and technical and design consultation.

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Located in Farnborough, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom, nDreams was formed by O'Luanaigh, a former SCi and Eidos creative director.

The company opened its doors in 2006. In 2013, the company focused on developing titles for VR headsets. The first game title that the company released for VR was "SkyDIEving" back in 2013.

nDreams has created a lot of game titles across all VR headset hardware. The company started developing VR games back in 2013, including "Shooty Fruity," "Phantom: Covert Ops," "The Assembly," and the VR meditation app "Perfect."

The company also created "Danger Goat" for Google Daydream and "Bloody Zombies" that Paw Print Games developed.

The company is considered one of the industry's senior VR studios, as its publishing team has 20 years of collective experience in VR in its belt. The team has worked for AAA publishers like Capcom, Ubisoft, WB Games, and SEGA.

The more recent title of the company, "Phantom: Covert Ops," was a massive commercial success when it launched in 2020 for Rift and Oculus Quest.

The title managed to get $1 million in gross revenue in the first month of its release. When Facebook announced all of the game titles, making it past the million-dollar marker, the company posted on Twitter that Oculus Quest revenue for "Phantom: Covert Ops" had exceeded $1 million.

nDreams in scouting for new talent

David Corless, the Vice President of Publishing, posted on nDreams website that they know how difficult it can be to get a VR game to market successfully.

Corless added that they want to share their knowledge with other studios to help them create the best game they can and give the titles every chance of becoming a massive commercial and critical success, whether through development funding or solely publishing support.

Coreless and Steve Tagger, the Business Development Director, will be led the search, and they will be looking for VR games that embrace the immersive, high-agency potential of the medium. Also, they can provide development support and expertise.

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