List of All 'Fortnite' 15.50 Skins Revealed [LEAKED]
(Photo : Screenshot from: @Lucas7yoshi Twitter Page) List of All 'Fortnite' 15.50 Skins Revealed [LEAKED]

"Fortnite" is on the verge of debuting a new batch of skins that would hold several events for the new update version 15.50 that is now online and ready to launch at any time after its recent server downtime. The new leaked skins are what was initially speculated and unveiled by insiders, starting with Australian YouTuber Lazarbeam and the popular cartoon sitcom "Family Guy."

The popular third-person battle royale and shooter title, "Fortnite," initially leaked that "Family Guy" would come to the game, but initially, fans were concerned and somewhat skeptical of the revealed skin. However, now, the news of the popular cartoon coming to the battle royale has stronger leaks and many insiders are suggesting its arrival as cosmetic upgrades.

Epic Games has had some massive crossovers in the game, and it all involved popular culture entities like Marvel, DC, Predator, NFL, and other additions. However, this may be the first time that it would include sitcom characters in the game, and not mention, a massive franchise that has turned the cartoon in epic proportions of action and sci-fi.

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'Fortnite' Update 15.50 Update Leaks

According to YouTuber TheCampingRusher - Fornite the developers of the game have already observed a server downtime to upload the game's update file that should have already prompted a download on its version.

The next update would be under version 15.50 and it would hold an event that is leaked as the "UNSTABLE" event which would introduce the new skins.

Lazarbeam Skin

Fortnite Lazarbeam Skin
(Photo : LazarBeam - Youtube Screenshot)

The Australian YouTuber's skin is here with update 15.50, as Lazarbeam's cosmetic addition complete with all the weapons and various add ons from "Fortnite." The game follows the Icons Series with various skins from Ninja, Lachlan, Loserfruit, TheGrefg, Marshmello, Major Lazer, and Travis Scott.

Family Guy Skin

One of the biggest crossovers for the month is the leak and speculation that "Fortnite" is aiming to bring "Family Guy" to the series, and with update 15.50 coming very soon, the company is said to be debuting them here. The only skins that were rumored would be Bryan, the talking dog, Stewie, the Griffin family's evil and maniacal baby, and Peter Griffin, the show's lead.

Female Golden Midas

The Golden Touch is debuting a new skin and it would be in the form of the Female Golden Midas, which sports the mysterious, villainous, and colorful skin of the previous skin series. The "Marigold" skin would have the golden back bling, and other gold items, and picking these up would reportedly turn the character into the Golden Touch version of the skin.

Other skins are coming as well, along with new bundles and skin sets in the "Fortnite" shop, says leakers. Users are advised to tune in to their games today, as the event would reportedly be live in a couple of hours, particularly with the release of update 15.50 and the Unstable Event. Fortnite leaker @Lucas7Yoshi also released image of all cosmetics, included on the new update.

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