At each successive update, "Genshin Impact" only continues to evolve with several game developments and features added into the game. For the game developer, miHoYo, releasing updates every six weeks is now the company's strategy to keep its players glued to the enhancements they make and the game itself.

For the 1.4 Update, which is scheduled for release on Mar. 17, new quests, game contents, and other features will be added upon its launch.

Venti, the most awaited character, will receive his banner together with the addition of the new "Genshin" character, Rosaria.

The game is also taking its shape as a dating sim, which will also be included in the upcoming update. For now, let's dive into what could be the content of the 1.5 Update.

How to Sign up for 'Genshin Impact 1.5 Update Testing: How to Sign up

Recently, the Chinese anime studio and game developer revealed that players can now sign up for the beta test of the 1.5 update. To do so, they will first need to write some information in a short form. This will be your ticket for the selection.

Furthermore, players can head to the official Discord server, which they can access through here.. Go to the announcements sections to sign up after that to complete the process. You could also fill out this Google form to sign up for the update test directly.

Players should be aware of the non-disclosure agreement between them and miHoYo before participating in the test. If players were to read what's written on it, it would say that sharing details about the testing phase is prohibited. You might be penalized when you share media files like photos, videos, and other similar contents during the testing.

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'Genshin Impact' 1.5 Update: Will Inazuma Come and What You Should Expect

According to a report by DualShockers, players want to know if the addition of the Inazuma region will happen.

The introduction of a new "Genshin Impact" region could be a good idea for open-world expansion. However, some reports claimed that Inazuma will not be released for the 1.5 update. Most likely, it will be launched for version 1.6.

In place of the most anticipated region, what's coming to "Genshin Impact" is The Chasm, which will be a small region. If you look at the map, The Chasm is already there, and to officially make it a minor location, and it only needs an official launch of the 1.5 updates.

'Genshin Impact' 1.5 Update Character Leaks

Besides the rumored Inazuma region, miHoYo will release new characters in the game, including Yaoyao and Baizhu. If ever this leak is true as what the rumors suggested, they will be the first two Dendro characters in "Genshin Impact."

Also, the arrival of the Qiqi banner is expected upon the 1.5 update release. Some rumors said that this could lead to the story quest of Qiqi that already made rounds online. . 

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