Tesla Semi
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube)
Tesla 4680 Battery
(Photo : Tesla / YouTube) Tesla 4680 Battery

Tesla has recently released footage of its first electric truck head that showed a first-look on its prototype as it drove around a track, showing its capabilities and early performance to the public. The Tesla Semi was initially conceived and unveiled in 2017, with its production only starting this year, and speculations rise that it has 4680 batteries from the company.

Tesla Semi
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube)

Almost five years in the making, the Tesla Semi has been one of the most anticipated electric vehicles to release, as it is the first of its kind, offering electric power to a massive industry of moving cargo and load. The Semi boasts of being the first electric semi-truck that brings comfort and EV power to the table, all while performing its feature.

The first truck in the clean energy company is the Semi, instead of its electric pickup, Tesla Cybertruck, whose prototype and production are yet to come from the EV manufacturer. The prototype was created on its Fremont factory, also looking at its track test drive to have happened in California, being the first ones produced for this year.

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Tesla Shows Off Semi Electric Truck on First-Look Track Video

Tesla's official Twitter page has posted the video (@Tesla) on its profile, showing the electric truck head passing by the camera at a blazing speed, as it spread its wings for its first track test drive to test its ride. Moreover, the prototype shown on the video is only the truck head, and it seems to miss its trailer that is an original part of its body.


However, it seems that its trailer would be like most semi-trucks that are sold worldwide, which are sold separately and be based upon the order as they are sold as truck heads only. The Tesla Semi could potentially revolutionize cargo and shipment concerns, particularly with its electric motor that aims to reduce carbon emissions.

The Tesla Semi's video also shows the truck head to be moving on its battery power, which has been a rare sighting from past releases and teasers by Tesla, with the vehicle mostly being for display purposes only. Additionally, the Tesla Semi's video revealed a lot about what to expect on the electric truck, and the public has already warmly received the EV.

Tesla Semi May Be the First to Have 4680 Batteries

Tesla 4680 Battery
(Photo : Tesla / YouTube)
Tesla 4680 Battery

Tesla and LG have been in the works for its 4680 batteries that would soon power future electric vehicles from the company, bringing the first "million range" capabilities straight from its teaser from Battery Day. Speculations have risen that the Tesla Semi is the first electric vehicle from the company to be using the 4680 power cells from Tesla's designs.

The 4680 batteries offer a massive range, faster charging, and a stronger battery life that would last despite the intense usage and frequency of its recharge, which all sounds perfect for a semi-truck. The high-performing battery complements the Tesla Semi, as it brings a new chapter in the company's stint as an EV producer.

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