Samantha McGregor
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People are in business for various reasons. For some, the company aims to make money and build a strong enterprise. Like Samantha McGregor, the business seeks to create a positive change in the world.

While Samantha's aim of being a businessperson might sound altruistic, it is reminiscent of what America's business tycoons had: change America for the better.

Men birthed and engineered the industrial revolution in America, whose sole aim was to improve the lives of Americans. In the words of Simon Sinek, accumulating wealth is a reward for adding immense value to humanity. From the Fords to the Rockefeller, these men were more interested in changing the world for the better through their businesses than they were in making lots of money.

Samantha McGregor  , a Canadian digital strategist and email marketing expert believes business helps people become better, leaving the world better than when you met it.

Wanting to make money from the business is not bad, but for Samantha, there is more to business than making money.

As a business consultant and digital strategist, Samantha's goal is to help them increase sales and make more profit. However, she goes beyond the surface level consulting: assisting businesses to make money. Samantha tries to unearth the core of a company to see if the business owner's drive is for the betterment of humanity or not. Samantha sits with her clients to know WHY they were in business.

According to Samantha, when her clients come to her all frustrated about their business, she first helps them rediscover their passion for their business. After that, she maps out the customer journey and designs strategies to increase sales and reduce cost.

The reason she does this, she says, is so that she doesn't work with the wrong people. Samantha is picky with her choice of clients. She only works with people whose business values align with hers. Samantha McGregor works with women of color and those from minority backgrounds.

She is selective because she believes working with people with opposing business values makes for challenging business relationships.

Does that mean a business should not make money?

Samantha says that business needs to make money; it is the lifeblood of every business. No business survives and thrives on goodwill and hopes. Money is important!

But for Samantha, a business must have a goal, a vision that supersedes just making profits. The company must be focused on solving one problem or the other, creating a positive change in the world, and leaving positive marks on the sands of time. That is why her clients are from a specific group. She doesn't work with just about anybody.

Samantha McGregor believes that leaving a positive change in the world is the principal aim of business.

"Before I finally leave the earth," she says, "I want to have left an enormous mark on the earth. I want to have donated millions of dollars to causes and organizations that I believe in."

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