"Call of Duty" released the "NecroKing Mastercraft" bundle on Mar. 21, featuring the much-awaited Ultra "Ice Drake" Mastercraft AR for the Krig 6.

Designed to look like a dragon, the Ultra-rare "Ice Drake" AR skin is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing and features a unique animation of the gun flapping its wings.

The Krig 6 has become one of the most reliable "Call of Duty" guns available, with many consider it to be the best assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War while falling closer in the middle in Warzone.

All that said, the addition of the "Ice Drake" skin to the Krig 6 makes it one of the most over-the-top weapons in the game.

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How to Get the Coveted 'Ice Drake' Skin in Warzone?

DBLTAP reports that the only way to obtain the "Ice Drake" AR in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is by buying the "NecroKing Mastercraft" bundle.

The bundle is only available at the Call of Duty's in-game store and will cost the player 2,400 COD points.

Aside from the "Ice Drake" AR, the "NecroKing Mastercraft" Bundle contains a unique assortment of Epic and Legendary items, including:

  • Legendary "Cold Spear" M60
  • "Dragon Claw" Charm
  • "Climactic" Vehicle Horn.
  • "Dead Sled" Vehicle Skin
  • "Frozen Waste" Calling Card
  • "Necromancer" Watch
  • "Necro King" Sticker

'NecroKing Mastercraft' Bundle Bugged!

Hours after the "NecroKing Mastercraft" Bundle's release, Warzone had pulled it out from the in-game story after finding some critical bugs. Activision explained that the bundle, which was deployed for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, has been removed due to a number of "Warzone-specific issues."

On Mar. 22, Dexerto reported that players found that the visual design becomes tarnished while equipping the default barrel while using the "Ice Drake" AR blueprint.

Other players also found another set of problems caused by the recently released NecroKing bundle.

Reddit user "DX-12" explained that since obtaining the bundle, the whole shopped had been bugged.

"If I scroll down, it boots me from the shop," the Redditor said.

Others found that another devastating bug - this time, it is encountered when a player drops into a match.

"You only have the second gun, if you put this one in loadout, you don't have anything in-game, not even fists," Redditor "vdgtex" explained.

This means players are left empty-handed mid-match and completely ruins their game.

Meanwhile, Activision indirectly assured that fixes are already in the works, but the company has not yet announced an ETA for the fix.

Players who purchased the bundle have been told to use the 16.5 Ultralight Barrel while the bug is being fixed.

As with all the games out there, this critical bug is not the first for Activision.

On Mar. 19, Activision started issuing refunds to players in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone who purchased the R1 Shadowhunter bundle.

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