SpaceX should have launched on Wednesday, Mar. 24 but the company aborted without doing anything yet and postpones the test flight for either this Friday, Mar. 26 as the earliest or continuing next week on weekdays. Elon Musk and SpaceX are both know for not having test flights during the weekends, so the next one would probably begin by Monday, Mar. 29.

SpaceX Delays SN11 Starship Launch

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

Despite the urge of the company to test launch the SN11 Starship, especially after the explosion and missing only one leg on its SN10 landing and resulted in an explosion, SpaceX is taking things slow. However, the company is already ready for the launch, especially as reported by Cameron County's road closures for SpaceX on Wednesday, March 24. 

State Highway 4 and the roads leading to Boca Chica beach were closed down, along with several residents near the Boca Chica SpaceX Launching Facility were evacuated, to prepare for the launch. However, everything was scrapped and all of the efforts were put on hold, as SpaceX decided not to push through with its testing. 

Not only was the test launch for Wednesday, March 26, was postponed and canceled by the company, but also the possibility of seeing it the next day was also scrapped, as March 25's schedule also sees cancellation. The SN11 Starship was originally scheduled for every day of this week for its test launch, but the public is yet to see the Mars-bound spacecraft.

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SpaceX SN11 Reschedules

(Photo : Youtube/ Spaceflight TV)
SpaceX Falcon 9 launch Starlink satellite

The company is on the heels of making this work, especially after nailing the landing on the SN10 with its maneuver and procedures, which Elon Musk notes as a breakthrough and achievement. The only mistake they did was the engine shutoff, which was not accounted for, having it leak as it descends, and was too late to restart.

According to Independent UK, SpaceX has not given any explanations as to why it postponed this week's test launch, especially as the company was ready and scheduled to depart and test its rocket ship. The SN11 Starship is slated for a high-altitude test flight and landing back on its legs, the same way as it originally departed.

The company is looking for a win, especially as Elon Musk revealed the Mars Base Alpha plans of SpaceX, particularly as they would facilitate the creation of the first human base outside the planet. Moreover, SpaceX's plans of going to Mars would be by the end of this decade and having the Starship ready for that as early as now could benefit the company. 

SpaceX might be tweaking some components of the SN11 Starship to make it absolutely ready for its launch and would reschedule earliest on Friday, or if not, next week Monday, Mar. 29, or by April already. 

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