Canon EOS R5 Firmware Update Brings Sweet Additions Like FTM (full-time manual focus) but Misses the Mark on Much Requested Features
(Photo : Screenshot From Peter McKinnon YouTube) Canon EOS R5 Firmware Update Brings Sweet Additions Like FTM (full-time manual focus) but Misses the Mark on Much Requested Features

The new Canon EOS R5 firmware update brings some sought after video features to the whole full-frame mirrorless camera. The update is joined by a smaller firmware boost for the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III and the Canon EOS R6. These updates would deliver some of the expected long-rumored upgrades to the EOS R5.

Canon firmware upgrades

1. Slo-mo 120p option for the camera's Full HD Recording

2. Low bit-rate raw recording mode helping to cut file size

3. Canon Log 3 format. Good for filmmakers wanting color grade within videos.

According to the story by TechRadar, the additions are welcomed with open arms by Canon EOS R5 owners. The whole lack of 4x slow motion recording for the camera's Full HD, however, was an awkward miss for the new R5 since it was available on the EOS R6.

The Canon Log 3 will help video shooters wanting additional flexibility when shooting in Log but still need additional dynamic range. Sadly, for owners of EOS 1DX Mark III and Canon EOS R6, Canon only promised the Canon Log 3 support in a "future update."

R5 and R6 updates

1. FTM or full-time manual focus on the RF lenses. Users can override autofocus by turning the camera ring when in the Servo AF mode.

2. FTP transfer status allows users to see how long a transfer will take.

3. Protect Image Transfer allows users to protect files from being deleted when still transferring them through FTP.

4. Save personalized EOS R5 settings to the camera's memory card which can be copied to other cameras

What Canon might have missed

Although the additions seem exciting, it is still a bit strange to see the Canon Log 3 support not given to the Canon EOS R5 and R6 pricier siblings. The update also misses the mark on something that fans have requested canon. One particularly huge miss is the Canon EOS R5 only has a 30-minute recording limit which is a huge restriction compared to its rival, the Sony A7S III without recording limits. 

A number of R5 users have also requested for a modern Pixel Shift feature like the one that was already introduced on the Sony A1 and the Sony A7R IV. The Pixel Shift feature uses the camera's equipped sensor stabilization system in order to capture a number of raw images then simply combine them directly into bigger files like a 199MP photo seen on the Sony A1.

The features, however, could still theoretically arrive some time in the future but for now, the firmware update is still a decent addition that Canon fans are welcoming.

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Download the firmware update

Here's where you can download the firmware updates and check out the new things Canon is rolling out.

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