Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews (2021): What They Won’t Tell You
(Photo : Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews (2021): What They Won’t Tell You)

Summer is almost here, and it isn't looking like it will bode well for the majority of us in hotter environments. Owing to numerous factors, with global warming being chief among them, the planet is heating up at unprecedented rates in a short span of time. The long term effects? Irreversible climate change, to devastating effect. The short term effects? Well, an already near-unbearable desk job sitting in a poorly ventilated workspace will become even more grueling. Imagine, as the hotter months approach, a long, sweltering day, your sweating face ailing under the incessant waves of hot, oppressive air. 

One might scoff at the thought of a 21st century desk job facing the burdens of yesteryear; this isn't the 1950's anymore, some would say. We have widespread air conditioning in most buildings, so why would a work desk face any temperature issues? Well, to be perfectly realistic, most buildings are only optimized to deliver proper airflow to rooms and corridors as a whole. 

They usually do not account for dividers, cubicles and other tacked on structures that may obstruct cooling. For that very reason, technology, whether it applies to developing nanochips that are smaller yet more efficient than large computers, or minimizing air conditioners and making them portable, is progressing to a more practical and effective individual solution. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC seeks to revolutionize the air conditioner concept, making it a portable, personal and multipurpose gadget.

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This wondrous device aims to be a gamechanger, and it certainly brings a lot to the table, literally. The Blast Auxiliary Classic/Desktop AC is meant to provide effective cooling, and at an affordable price. The tech behind this portable air conditioner is pretty slick, meaning it consumes less power than you'd expect, only serving to aid the fight against climate change. With a host of features, and some considerations a potential buyer would need to make, this device certainly merits a review. So, let's discuss in Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews what we loved, liked and would change about it.

The Blast Auxiliay Portable AC: What It Is, And What It Does

The company behind this ingenious portable air conditioner, Blast Auxiliary, is a well-established brand of consumer electronics. This particular portable air conditioner comes with a small form factor that ideally sits on your desk and provides cooling, humidity and a normal fan for your workspace. This greatly increases the device's functionality and convenience, owing to its fully portable nature. No longer will you need to find a wall mounted AC, or a split, to seek respite from blistering summer winds. Your bedroom, car, kitchen, workspace and even living room are all fair game, and this makes it as totable as the lunchbox in that respect. 

Sorry, did we give you the impression that the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC requires a constant power source connected to it? While you can certainly plug it in and use it simultaneously, the manufacturer has also provided the option of using its built-in battery. This rechargeable battery is simply a godsend, since it makes the device truly portable and lasts remarkably long. 

The product was clearly designed with efficiency in mind. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC screams practicality, just based on the numerous features and options baked into its carriable frame. The power input, for one, does not draw too much energy, which helps you save on bills. You won't see any major dips in cooling or overheating of the hardware, this we can assure you of. And, surprisingly, Blast Auxiliary's claim that this AC offers a twenty-fold improvement in efficiency over a standard wall mounted window AC checks out. Granted, there are certain conditions and ideal situations that mean this claim isn't always fully met, but in our experience you will certainly see a drastic improvement, should you crunch the numbers.

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So, How Does The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Function?

By now, we'd understand if your thoughts on this fantastic product border on disbelief. We have tried numerous similarly-advertised products available on the market, and few offer this suite of useful features at this price point. There's just so many things you can do with this beast of an air conditioner, and the tech operating this machine is seriously impressive. What really merits praise is the way the layout, and IO, is rather simple to use. No need here for any complexity, and Blast Auxiliary certainly seems to know that most consumers typically just want ease when using a product like this.

The main principle behind all portable air conditioners of this scale is what is known as thermoelectric cooling. This technique essentially comprises a heating coil connected by a filament to a solid-state semiconductor. Sound too fancy to comprehend? Just know that the semiconductor functions by allowing the supplied electricity to convert into heat (thermal) energy. 

This means that the partition between both ends of the material makes a 'cool' end, and a 'hot' end respectively. The greater this temperature difference, the more heat is sucked up from the cool end, increasing the rate of cooling. This is all accomplished without any chemical coolants, unlike refrigerators, so you don't need to worry about orientation or fluid leakages.

The power solution Blast Auxiliary has provided here is, quite simply, phenomenal. Similar products would probably force you to depend upon the power outlet as a source of constant energy. The downside of that? A power outage, or moving to an area with an inaccessible outlet, would render your device a mere hunk of plastic and metal. 

However, the integration of its lithium-ion batteries (like the ones used in smartphones and laptops) is truly a wise decision on their part. You get a solid 8 hour battery life (this is while using the air conditioner mode; using the lower-powered fan mode would probably net you an even longer continuous usage), when used continuously after just one charge.

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Even when charged up for later, the standby time is quite long, too, so you don't need to worry much about a power discharging a few days before your intended use. When it is time to charge, or you want to plug it in while using, all you need is a USB-C adapter that conveniently fits into any suitable socket. Who knew how easy it would be to charge your smartphone and AC with the same adapter?

Now, as for the 3 main modes themselves: we have to say, Blast Auxiliary certainly knew what they were doing. The fact that 3 separate modes are included show that the manufacturer understands the needs of its consumers. Aside from the thermoelectric cooling system we talked about, the machine also allows for some non-conventional (but energy-saving) inputs of cooling. If you don't want to use the electric system, you can soak the 'water curtain' provided in the compartment for a humidifier/cooling breeze. The sponge just needs to be submerged, then placed in its recess in front of the fan, and it'll provide a gentle, evaporating airflow.

Furthermore, there is also a dedicated ice tray that you can put ice cubes into: the same mechanism of cooling (using the clever fan technique) applies but the insulation is so effective that you essentially get a non-electric air conditioner. The mist option (which uses an air filter to remove dust from the environment) also helps to cool your space down, while increasing the humidity in a way that a drying wall AC could never compete with. 

Features The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Offers

The biggest strength of this portable air conditioner isn't simply its superior build quality. Sure, we love the lightweight frame, and the durable finish of the casing. No, the main catch of this product is its multipurpose offerings, especially at such an economical price point. No longer will you need multiple items to cover the same ground you can with this single device. You have a perfectly functional humidifier, fan, and air conditioner of several different types. Let's breakdown each of them, and see what we're dealing with.

1. Several different modes for cooling

With just its primary use, you get a great air conditioning device. The fact that you can use it as an air conditioner with three distinct methods is ridiculously convenient. The thermoelectric cooling method, the water curtain and the ice try all offer great practicality depending on what you have to work with in the office, at home or on the road.

Furthermore, the humidifier and mist maker all offer a very useful tool for combating dryness in indoor environments. After all, with high summer temperatures comes the risk of harmful dryness, which can damage skin, hair and breathing passages. Let this wondrous contraption inject moisture and a pleasant, soothing chill to your environment. Best of all, the air filter works exactly as advertised and cleanses the air you breathe in, preventing all manner of illness and respiratory issues.

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2. Energy-saving alternative air conditioning methods

To put it simply, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner offers you a great bang for your buck, and it isn't only because of the affordable pricing. Owing to this great savings, you end up saving immensely on power consumption too. This is due to the plethora of methods you can use to enable air conditioning. Unlike the stock air conditioners that are commonplace in most settings, this little machine doesn't force you to use an electrical input at all times, which would sacrifice portability. Not to mention significantly increase your electricity bills at the end of the month. 

3. Comes with 3 fan speed settings

Aside from choosing your mode of cooling, whether it be using ice cubes, the water curtain or by the classic thermoelectric cooling, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner allows you to finely adjust the volume or airflow directed at you, via the fan speed options. You can select the highest setting, which shoots you with a gust of air to rapidly cool the space down in mere moments. There is a medium fan speed setting, which is suitable for moderate cooling. And lastly, the low fan speed is perfect in cooler environments where active air conditioning is not required as much, or when using the humidifier to quietly and efficiently dampen and clean dry, musty air.

The multiple fan speed choices offer an enticing array of combinations to use, given the 3 operating modes. You can configure the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Fan for rapid cooling, gentle misting or even quiet airflow, as well as anything in between. 

The Pros And The Cons of The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC

Let's be real, not every consumer electronic item is equal, and none are truly flawless. However, we would genuinely be hard pressed to find fault with this machine. The main advantage of this item over others with similar features is its attractive, low price. Available right now at just $89.99, you get access to everything you could need to cool your workspace down at a price point few others can best. In fact, this current price is subject to change while stocks last, and that is with the ongoing discount. Prices might go up, so we sincerely recommend you to make the purchase while you still can. You get a powerful cooling system, with several different configurations of inputs, operating on slick, efficient technology, and with stellar battery life. Given its small profile, and durable yet portable frame, it leaves conventional air conditioners in the dust.

The cons? Well, it won't cool a space as large as what traditional air conditioners do, nor as rapidly. However, that is only to be expected given how much energy and space you're saving. When it comes to its own size and price point, however, none can beat it.

The Final Word

All in all, Blast Auxiliary have knocked it out of the park with their portable desktop AC. It provides you with an array of useful features and a portable, compact frame. The battery life is great, the cooling and humidifying is superb and best of all, the price is unbeatable. It definitely has our seal of approval! Visit Official Website to learn more!

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