"Call of Duty" is among the most extensive game franchises in the world. It has already spanned its experience to the mobile platform with TiMi Studios from Tencent, taking over its development and earning $10 billion. In the past year of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Timi Studios has managed to amass a fortune for "Call of Duty Mobile" alone. 

Call of Duty
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"Call of Duty Mobile" was released for the mobile platform in 2019, and it was only making its way to the market when the pandemic struck. This situation became a massive advantage for the title to be used extensively. Timi Studios was behind the development and arrival of the popular first-person shooter game for the mobile platform.  

The gaming industry thrived during the pandemic, especially as it provided entertainment and a distraction during the crisis, pushing people to remain inside their homes. The restrictions sure brought out the gamer in almost everyone, while also allowing people to explore other sources of entertainment such as television and online streaming. 

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Call of Duty Mobile: $10B in Earnings for TiMi Studios 

In a report by Reuters, anonymous sources divulged that the developers behind the hit mobile game amassed $10 billion in total for its 2020 earnings. From the hit action shooting title alone, there is a massive win for Timi Studios and Tencent, as the game proves to be a feasible venture for the company.

2015 Tencent Open Strategy Annual Conference In Beijing
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BEIJING, CHINA - APRIL 28: (CHINA OUT) (L-R) Hou Xiaonan, general manager of Tencent Open Platform, Lu Wei, general Secretary of Internet Society of China, Ren Yuxin, chief operating officer of Tencent, and Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent Mobile Business Group, attend the 2015 Tencent Open Strategy Annual Conference at National Convention Center on April 28, 2015 in Beijing, China. The 2015 Tencent Open Startegy Annual Conference got held at National Convention Center and COO of Tencent delivered a speech that Tencent would start new integration of resources to created more innovative and entrepreneurial platform for society. General Secretary of Internet Society of China Lu Wei, COO of Tencent Ren Yuxin, vice president of Tencent Mobile Business Group Lin Songtao and general manager of Tencent Open Platform Hou Xiaonan attended the conference.

This amount is an enormous sum for "Call of Duty Mobile" and TiMi Studios as it scales and lines up with several of the largest companies in the world, having the same sum as GameStop's 2020 earnings report. Additionally, it tops one of the largest gaming developers of the era, Activision Blizzard, which amassed $8 billion across its popular games.

According to several reports and enthusiasts, TiMi Studios can be safely named and crowned as the "world's largest developers" in the gaming industry as it earned massive funds for the company. The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, and lockdown restrictions are still implemented, so the developers may continue to experience this for 2021 as well.

TiMi Studios' MOBA Game in China

Separately, the global reason for the developer's earnings may be due to "Call of Duty Mobile" but a similar reason for TiMi Studios' earnings was brought by the MOBA game that was only released in China. This game is called "Honor of Kings" and is the Chinese mobile version that resembles "League of Legends," launched ahead of "Wild Rift."

According to Reuters's November 2020 report, "Honor of Kings" has amassed 100 million everyday users and gamers for its multiplayer online battle arena genre which has been a big contributor for the developers. The success of its mobile games has brought Tencent and TiMI Studios massive recognition. 

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