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If you love working out, the latest exercise bike is perfect for you. The PlayPulse One is a connected exercise bike that does not simply exist to sell you on a class-based subscription platform.

You can use the bike's 24-inch touchscreen as a way of making your TV and gaming time a little less sedentary. The PlayPulse One is a smart spin bike that will let you watch Netflix, play games, or stream music instead of just following along the usual exercise routine.

PlayPulse One bike

The most interesting feature of this bike is its ability to let you watch TV on its 24-inch display while you are riding, which can be tied to a fitness goal.

If you do not keep up the pace, the screen will go dark until such time as you speed up again. You can also play one of four games installed in the device.

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The games include tank battles, bumper cars, and street racing. Pedaling is a key mechanic in winning those games.

According to PlayPulse, they will add more titles in the future so that users can have more options on which game they can play.

Also, you can set longer-term fitness goals, like cycling the length of Route 66 or from one location to another, and keep track of them in the app, as per Game Reactor.

PlayPulse features

The PlayPulse One bike comes with a subscription service of $19.99 a month after the first 6 months. This amount is around the same price of gym classes and cycling classes, the only difference here is you can watch Netflix while exercising using PlayPulse One.

According to IGN, the bike itself looks different from other exercise bikes that are normally used in gyms. The PlayPulse One has more vertical design and a more mannered seating position.

Instead of being haunch forward, you can ride this more like a cafe racer, all the better to enjoy the content that you are watching on its screen.

The split handlebars have a thumb stick on the left side, with four action buttons nestled on the right, as well as hand grip-mounted heart-rate sensors.

The PlayPulse One bike is built to be used a lot. The steel frame and high quality crank is built to carry up to 265 pounds or 120 kilograms through high intensity workouts, for hours on end. The magnetic resistance on the bike is digitally controlled on screen, or even automatically within the games.

With its adjustable seat and steering, PlayPulse One has a seat that measures 4x4 to 6x4. All height adjustments are spring-loaded for easy adjustment.

The unique solid metal base of PlayPulse One is not only a great design feature, it is also practical. Two small but sturdy wheels are built into the base for easy handling. There is a base reversible to point the power cord to the nearest outlet.

PlayPulse One bike is available on Tuesday, Apr. 13, and it will cost around $1,999. PlayPulse will deliver the device straight to your home and will install it for you. It will come with a 30-day free trial and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

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