COVID-19 vaccines are here to immunize and help fight against the virus, but Moderna is working on further protection against the global pandemic, which has already evolved into special variants or strains. Moderna's COVID-19 Booster shots are still mRNA-based, but it now focuses on fighting against the South Africa and Brazil strains which are known to be more advanced.

Moderna To Request Emergency Authorization For Its Vaccine After Positive Trial Results
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Instead of stopping with its vaccine development efforts, Moderna is looking into further research and studies regarding its vaccination campaign to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which has progressed rapidly. In recent happenings, the progression of the virus has been rampant, even without the initial vaccines, and has dealt a more targeted attack against the public. 

While Moderna is working on another booster shot in the form of a vaccine or injectable, Pfizer and BioNTech have announced its venture of a "COVID-19 Pill" which could fight against the virus at an early stage. While both methods are different, the goal of both companies is to stop the virus and protect against it for the welfare and health of the public. 

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Moderna's COVID-19 Booster for Variants and Strains

 1 Dose of Moderna Vaccine Protected A Mice for 13 Weeks From Infection: Can It Also Protect Humans?
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1 Dose of Moderna Vaccine Protected A Mice for 13 Weeks From Infection: Can It Also Protect Humans?

One can never be too sure that one thing is over after giving a solution or answer to it, and that is the case of the Cambridge-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company of Moderna. It was known that Moderna was next to Pfizer that released its completed COVID-19 vaccine, and was used for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as per the U.S. FDA.

According to Bloomberg, Moderna has recently announced that the company is in the works for a booster shot against COVID-19 variants, which would target the progressive strains that are more deadly and infectious. It would come soon enough, as trials of the initial efforts show that it yields a high success rate of fighting and protecting against the COVID-19 strains. 

Several months have passed and the vaccination efforts of the country have already reached loads of American citizens, and it is near completing the first stage for most states and regions. The country is enforcing its vaccination efforts that already transitioned to lower age of eligibility, and is nearing the "finish line" of the vaccination drive. 

South Africa and Brazil Strains

Different countries, different races, means different physiologies, and that has been a proven fact for hundreds of years now, which also applies to the current pandemic that the world is suffering from. Brazil and South Africa are among those that are notoriously listed to have a deadly strain of COVID-19, which is more infectious and deadly compared to the first one that was detected. 

According to CDC, this is a normal occurrence as viruses mutate depending on the location or physiology of a carrier. Moreover, what this need is a special and a more targeted approach, hence the Moderna booster shot that would go against the two aforementioned strains. 

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