Apple 5G Chips for iPhones 13 Could Happen This 2023! Is Qualcomm Out?
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Apple 5G Chips for iPhones 13 Could Happen This 2023! Is Qualcomm Out?

Apple has slowly started on a DIY approach to its technology. With Apple's massive move stepping away from Intel with its new M1 chips, the question now is, how long before they do the same with their iPhones?

Apple Custom-Designed 5G Chips

According to MacRumors, Apple now plans to adopt its very own custom-designed 5G baseband chips that could start with the upcoming 2023 iPhones. This change means that Apple, once again, could cut off another major chip supplier, Qualcomm, from supplying the company with 5G cellular modem for their iPhones.

The news reportedly came from a certain Apple analyst known as Ming-Chi Kuo. Her had just recently noted that Apple now plans to include its very own custom-designed 5G baseband chip that could start launch along with the 2023 iPhone "at the earliest." As of the moment, Apple reportedly relies on Qualcomm to supply its 5G iPhone modems and is still expected to do so until they finally make their own chips.

Qualcomm Could be Forced to Look for New Clients

When the expected shift would come, Qualcomm will then be forced to enter yet new markets in order to compensate for Apple's massive orders. Kuo noted that they predict that the upcoming 2023 iPhones will adopt Apple 5G chips. As the whole Android sales when it comes to the high-end 5G phone market now looking sluggish, Qualcomm will then have to look for other customers in order to compensate for Apple's regular massive orders.

When the whole supply constraints will improve, both MediaTek and Qualcom will reportedly have less bargaining power over the brands. This would then result in some significantly higher competition pressure that would exist in the whole mid-to low- end market.

iPhone 13 2023

Back in March, the Barclays analysts had reported that Apple is expected to include its very own custom-designed 5G modem starting with the upcoming 2023 iPhone 13. Apple's new development of its very own modem, which had reportedly started back in 2020, has actually been widely reported.

Back in 2019, Apple actually purchased the majority of Intel's very own smartphone modem business. This could be a move that actually helped fuel the development of the company's very own in-house modem. Apple then stated at the time that the official purchase will then help expedite their development on other future products which would then help Apple move forward.

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Apple Plans to Contribute More

According to the story by FierceWireless, Apple now plans to dedicate even more resources over in the United States. This would include its investment towards 5G and even the development of certain next-generation silicon.

On Monday, the iPhone maker reportedly announced that it now plans to increase its total commitment to contribute a whopping $430 billion to the entire US economy over the course of the next five years. The company also promises that it will be adding 20,000 new jobs moving forward.

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