The Wizard Of Smiles - Dr. Kenny Wilstead
(Photo : The Wizard Of Smiles - Dr. Kenny Wilstead )

Dr. Kenny Wilstead, DDS, is a leading dental expert in Texas who specializes in smile makeovers. The expert has received global recognition for his charity providing free or cost-effective services to the people in need. 

According to the expert, his secret is the speed with impeccable proficiency. While most dentists stick to conventional methods, Dr. Wilstead is consistently breaking the barriers and thinking outside the box. 

Whenever he meets someone for consultation, the focus goes towards the smile. People often hide their teeth or smile if they have an oral problem. The lack of confidence or esteem can also tell you a lot regarding a person's dental health. 

While most professionals focus on smiling last, Dr. Wilstead prioritizes it and ensures that the results are fantastic. After all, dental health isn't just about oral hygiene. It is a prominent part of someone's aesthetic and beauty. 

It is evident from his work that you can find it on YouTube, Yahoo, and other platforms. Dr. Wilstead seeks to bring out the best smile in the person. 

Quality Yields Better Results 

The dental surgeon firmly believes that the old-school and methodological approach is excellent for the initial practice. However, the dentist professional has become more about 'an easy way out.' Almost every expert in the field would approach 'braces' or 'implants' immediately without any other consideration.

Dr. Wilstead believes that there are many other approaches a person can take. If you can preserve a person's oral health without braces, you should assume that approach. There are countless treatment options. That's how he maintains cost-effective services admired by many, especially in Texas.

The thriving specialist emphasizes that if you can prioritize the patient's well-being, their budget and understand the underlying issue by reading their smile, you can deliver the best results. This is what distinguishes him from others in the field. 

Smile Again Dental - The Leading Family Business 

With these objectives in mind, Dr. Kenny Wilstead runs a clinic with his wife and three children. As he is concerned about the future of the dental industry, he seeks to share his knowledge, experience, and passion with future generations. 

The expert also seeks to inspire others to follow him on the righteous path of prioritizing the clients over easy-way-out treatments.

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