If you are going to buy a used car from a private seller rather than a dealership, then it may come with many risks and issues. With the advent of the internet, you can perform an online license plate lookup to get all the details related to the used car. 

This is a good means of verifying that your car is safe. You must have a valid reason to perform a license plate lookup according to the rules of the state. In this article, we will explain how you can do a free license plate lookup. 

What is a License Plate Number?

The license plate or registration number is assigned to each vehicle at the time of registration. It behaves as an identification of a vehicle and embossed or surface-printed on a plastic or metal plate. The license plate number verifies that the vehicle is registered and identifies the registration type that you have. 

Moreover, license plate numbers help connect vehicles to their owners. Most of the states have a definite color scheme, logo, and registration format. 

Typically, license plates stay with the vehicle they were given. Certain types of plates (special recognition or special interest) may be shipped to another vehicle at the request of the owner and at a reasonable cost.

Where Does VinPit Get Vehicle Information?

By free license plate lookup, VinPit extracts information about the vehicle including, the year, model, make, and country. The decoder gets the vehicle information from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that puts efforts to reduce the deaths and injuries in motor vehicle crashes. 

NHTSA aims to deliver safer roads by encouraging people to make safer choices when they ride, drive, and walk. It also provides safety tools to keep themselves, their families, and the community safe. 

You will get all the relevant details about your vehicle provided by NHTSA from the data submitted by the manufacturers of the vehicles. The VinPit is intended to provide the assurance that the vehicle you are going to buy is safe and not involved in any malicious activity. 

VinPit accesses the information from a huge and rich database and intimates the users with the vehicle's condition, accident and ownership history, etc. License plate search offers a great means of verifying and identifying the vehicle you look up. Also, it informs you of all the recalls taken from the NHTSA site. 

VinPit Official Website: www.vinpit.com

How to Lookup License Plate Numbers with VinPit?

The license plate check is similar to the VIN check that provides safety and a potential amount of information about the owner and history of the vehicle. VinPit is a free VIN decoding tool that makes your buying process easier by fetching the relevant details about the vehicle. You can get to know more about performing proper VIN checks by looking over this VinPit review.

How to Do A License Plate Search for Free

Following are easy steps for a license plate lookup via the VinPit site.

Step 1: First of all, you need to access the license plate number of your vehicle to begin the process of lookup.

Step 2: Now access the VinPit site from any browser and choose the 'License Plate Lookup' from the available options in the toolbar. 

Step 3: Enter the extracted license plate number on the search area and press the 'Start Search' option. Wait for the results and get a detailed report about your vehicle. You can even download and share it for thorough checking. 

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What Can I Get from a Free License Plate Lookup?

License plate lookup provides you with vehicle information, history report, description, and other public records. Here are a few more things that you can get from a free reverse license plate lookup. 

  • Title Branding

It is an official status by a state agency that tells you if a vehicle is not safe to drive and has any damages. The title branding tells if a car has been rescued or junk from an accident.

  • Major Accidents Report

The vehicles can go through major damage in accidents and can be repaired. However, it is hard to define the level. Was the repair done exactly and to the specifications of the manufacturer? Only well-equipped and experienced repair shops can return the original state of the vehicle. But the license plate history will tell you all the accidents and records of the work done for repairing.

  • Theft Records

License plate history tells you about the stolen cases of the car in the past. The most disturbing detail is if the report shows the car as currently stolen. This means that the seller is not the car owner and likely should be reported to the police, which moves on to the next point.

  • Car Legal for Road

This may vary by state, but some of the basic requirements for a road laudability are front headlights, taillights, side and rear mirrors, seat belts, tires set for road use and not for the track, and the car works well. It may sound silly, but make sure the car you are considering purchasing has some basic features, many of which are connected to your safety. 

  • Passed Recent Vehicle Inspection

In this era, inspections mean to ensure that the car is meeting emission goals set by your local government. Some countries and cities will also go forward by doing some more safety checks. But if the car even can't fulfill the basic requirements, then probably it won't pass an inspection. 

  • Issues with the Registration of a Car

A license plate search helps to reveal the issues with a car's registration. A detailed search gives you all reasons why the authority is not making a car road legal. This would assist you a lot in purchasing a car. 

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Other Free Resources That Offer A License Plate Check

Many sites offer a free lookup license plate and provide detailed information. Following are some free resources that can help you in free license plate check.


A free VIN check service-VinFreeCheck offers the most accurate information about your vehicle. It allows you to decode your VIN and determine the condition. You can get to know your vehicle's engine number, tank size, trim from the vast database.

How to Do A License Plate Search for Free

Furthermore, it checks out the pricing of the vehicle that prevents you from overpricing. You can also get the Premium report for more detailed information. 


VINCheck.info offers a car research service by which you can get free history reports just like CARFAX and other competitors. It provides a complete history report to help the buyers from frauds and unsafe vehicles. 

How to Do A License Plate Search for Free

The site regularly gathers the vehicle data that is linked to the license plate number into its large database. You can get a vehicle history, including market value, safety rating, fuel efficiency, and recalls. Based on other details and vehicle information, you can identify the best car for you. 


A free option that assists you in VIN lookup to make your purchase of a used car easy. VehicleHistory is a trusted source of information that provides selling history, recall information, a list of expirations, and the estimated market price of the vehicle.

How to Do A License Plate Search for Free

The site also involves information on safety features, user reviews, and links to similar vehicles for sale in your area. When a car goes up for sale, VehicleHistory.com can tell you where it is, as well as the sale price and the condition of its parts and its components.

Important Tips Before You Buy a Used Car

Buying a vehicle is the most important decision that you made in your life. While you are on the market searching for a used vehicle, here are some major factors that you need to consider before buying a used car. 

  • Verification of the Car's Title Claim: Never depend on the words of a private seller regarding the recorded history of the car. Unluckily, fraudulent sellers can easily clean the car's lousy track record with a fake VIN number.
  • Test Drive: By test drive, you get a chance to look for the signs for obvious damage. You can listen to the odd noises and make sure that the things like air-conditioning, windows, locks, and other features work well or not.
  • Note VIN Personally: You should not trust the private seller for the car's VIN. Sellers can replace the VIN with a fake one in the cases of title washing. Always look for the VIN personally that is present on the car's dashboard, engine's block, and spare tire.
  • Shop Around for the Cost: You will need financing for the cast, in case you have less money to buy the car. Some banks offer private-party auto loans designated for buyers who are purchasing a car from a private seller instead of the dealership.
  • Must Go for a VIN Check: Any car that is damaged or stolen in one state can be sold in other states. A VIN check always helps you to avoid buying a car with a bad history.

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Is It Legal For Me To Do A License Plate Check With Vehicle History?

Yes, it is legal to do a license plate check with vehicle history. Several laws, including the Freedom of Information Act, give the right to access data gathered by the government. Because the people and equipment used to collect and record data are paid for by your taxes.

Since you have paid for the data processing, the government feels you own it and should be able to access it. In addition, the government has a desire to reduce used car fraud and auto theft. That is why they want you to be able to access this information.

Who Does A License Plate Search?

People search for license plates for a variety of reasons. For the most part, it is used when someone is considering buying a car and wants to get a car history before making a decision. It is a good option if, for some reason, you cannot access the VIN number. It doesn't matter why you want to do a license plate search. It totally depends on you.

Could I Do A License Plate Check On My Own?

If it happens, then it would be very difficult. You would have to contact the entire DMV, the police department, the federal agency, the service station, and the insurance company yourself. That would cost you a lot of time and a lot of money. On the other hand, if you use a free license plate checker, it is free of charge, and you get the information delivered to you by laptop, desktop, or mobile phone within minutes. 


A free license plate lookup is a great step when you are thinking about purchasing a used car. The above article has explained what you can get from a license plate lookup and how. A variety of free lookup services are available that allow you to get detailed information about the vehicle. It saves you from any mishaps and losses.

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