How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online
(Photo : How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online )
How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online
(Photo : How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online )
How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online
(Photo : How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online )
How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online
(Photo : How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online )
How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online
(Photo : How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online )

VIN check is the most valuable tool for the auto industry. VINs are unique to every vehicle and handle the history of the vehicle throughout its life. It is the best way to identify your car from the large database of information that stores the records of all vehicle parts. 

VINs provide the surety that your vehicle is safe and sound and prevents accidents and injuries related to defective parts. You can say that a VIN is like a fingerprint of your vehicle, so it is crucial to keep the VIN's record safe in case your vehicle gets stolen or damaged. 

What is a VIN? 

The vehicle identification number is a 17-character unique and valuable code that is assigned to every vehicle after its manufacturing. It provides specific details about the vehicle, with the make and model, country, year, and factory where it is manufactured, and a serial number. 

VIN number lookup has brought many benefits to lessen crime and identify the vehicles for other purposes. These VINs are generally printed in a single line. 

However, you may see the random arrangement of the string of numbers and letters, but there is a code with different characters that translates the information about the vehicle. 

  • Characters 1-3 recognize the manufacturer of the car
  • Characters 4-8 define the body style, vehicle model, engine type, and more
  • Character 9 is a code that is completed by the manufacturer to verify the accuracy of the VIN number
  • Character 10 depicts the vehicle's model year
  • Character 11 discloses which plant assembled the vehicle
  • Characters 12-17 is the serial number of the car

Free VIN Checks

Free VIN number check is vital and beneficial that provides you details when you need to know about your vehicle. In this part, we will describe two methods to check your VINs for free.


It is a free VIN number decoder for vehicles, motorcycles, and more engine bodies. VinPit is a reputable VIN lookup tool that provides all the relevant information, no matter which device you are using. All you need is a VIN and an internet connection to get all the details.

Just enter the 17-digit character from your vehicle to check out the detailed information, including the model, transmission, assembly plant, and also whether the VIN is fake or not. This website will help you in buying and selling decisions by providing accident reports, criminal reports, market value, insurance, and more. 

How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online

VinPit is an easy-to-use website where you can do a completely free VIN check for your vehicle. It has a large and ingenious database that spreads across the 50 states in the U.S. That is the reason that you are restricted to get information as long as the vehicle is in the U.S. All the VIN checks you do on this website are strictly confidential. 

This free VIN lookup website lets you download the report of the vehicle that will show you the vehicle's original specifications, use history, covered distance, accidents, odometer readings, and the actual market value. Moreover, customer support is always available to help and answer your queries. 

VIN check is always beneficial as it ensures that the vehicle is safe and not involved in any malicious activities. Below are the steps to get a free VIN report from VinPit.

Step 1: First of all, you need to locate the VIN of your vehicle that could be located beside the engine.

Step 2: Next, access the VinPit website from any browser and enter the extracted VIN number of your vehicle.

Step 3: After entering the VIN, press the 'Start Search' option, and wait for the details of the vehicle.

Tap Here to Access Detailed Car History through VinPit >>

The National Insurance Crime Bureau

You can do a VIN lookup for free with the help of the NICB. It is a free lookup service that is provided to the public to determine that your vehicle has been reported as stolen or lost, salvaged, or declared a total loss in an accident. Moreover, you can check for all the theft and total loss records for your vehicle. This site is limited to doing 5 searches in one day per IP address.

How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online

You can do a VIN lookup at NICB by entering a VIN on their official website. Read out all the terms and conditions and check the box. Verify that you are not a robot, then click the 'Search VIN' option. All the complete details will be displayed for your free VIN lookup. 

Paid VIN Checks

Other than free VIN checks, several paid VIN checks can be used to get the most complete and detailed information about the vehicle's history. This part will explain to you several websites for paid VIN checks. 


CARFAX is the trusted source to get the vehicle's history information about U.S. cars. It helps to identify the issues with the imported used cars and reduce the risks of getting a vehicle with costly hidden problems.

How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online

It has built up its database with the assistance of its sources and partners, including law enforcement agencies, government officers, repair shops, car dealerships, and more. CARFAX offers a single report for $39.99, or get five reports for $59.99. In addition, a package of six reports is available for $99.99 for serious shoppers. 


This VIN decoder offers you basic information, including vehicle model, country, and its make. You can get a paid report that has all the details about theft, flood, incident damage, and give a number for that specific vehicle to compare it with others from that same model. 

How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online

AutoCheck offers paid options for single reports at $24.99. However, if the user looks forward to multiple searches, they can have access to 25 reports in 21 days for a price of $49.99. You can also approach a whopping 300 reports over 21 days at $99.99. 

VINCheck Pro

VINCheck Pro offers its users limited information for free, which includes the make, year, age, country where it is manufactured. However, they need to pay to get a detailed report containing vehicle specs, theft, accident history, and other data.

How Can I Get A Free VIN Search Online

It is advertising COVID-19 special prices, with one report for $6.95 rather than the usual price of $9.95. You can also select a package of five reports for $12.95, which is normally $34.75.

What's in the Free VIN Number Check Report?

When you check the VIN number, you will get a report that has all the important stuff related to the vehicle. It includes the following points.

  • Summary of the Report: It provides an overview of the report, such as records of the sale, accident, or theft. It also shows how much the price is to get a car and the current market value. You will get an overall summary at the bottom of the page with the number of records found and a page link where you can find more details.
  • Market Value: This depicts the estimated values to guide you. It includes the average market price, suggested retail price of the manufacturer, above and below market price, and invoice price.
  • Vehicle Specifications: It gives complete details on a used design of the car and features presented in a 36 item, two-column table. This contains trim, overall width, size, height, engine, and more.
  • Details of the Equipment: This section describes the vehicle's cargo bed, capacities, chassis, its interior and exterior dimensions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: It shows fuel data and mileage for analyzing how far the vehicle can travel on the specific amount of fuel.
  • Safety Rating: NHTS conducts the frontal, side, and rollover tests and gives safety ratings as well as IIHS on the evaluation of the vehicle's crash-worthiness, crash avoidance, and mitigation.
  • Inspection Checklist: This is a checklist of areas that you need to inspect before doing any deal on a used car.
  • Recalls and Defects: It is an updated list of problems declared by the automaker, such as safety-related defects. The recalls include a summary of the issue and remedy.
  • Auto Insurance: You will get a customized list of auto insurers from your area based on the data that you have provided including, ownership of the home, insurance status, and demographics.

Where to Find My VIN Number?

VIN numbers are located in many places on a car, also on some documents too. You may find it on the front of the dashboard on the driver's side by looking through the windshield from outside the car.

Another way to look at the VIN Number is on the driver's side door pillar. You can open the door, look around the area where the door locks with the vehicle. Find the VIN number of a motorcycle on the steering neck that is below the handlebars. 

You need to pay attention to the VINs on a vehicle that you are considering buying. If the VIN appeared in multiple places but did not match with the combination of letters and numbers, then the vehicle may have been rebuilt with the stolen parts. 

Furthermore, you will also find the VIN on the car's registration card or title, auto insurance policy, or other service records.

How to Do a VIN Number Lookup for Free?

This article has explained two methods to get a free VIN report of your vehicle. You can choose VinPit and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to free VIN lookup. VinPit allows getting the details of vehicles, motorcycles, and other engine bodies with no limit of searches to look up your vehicles. It also gives you a VIN decoder and license plate lookup feature. 

On the other hand, NIBC provides a report about its stolen or lost case. It also gives theft and total loss records for your vehicle. NIBC limits the searches, which is 5 in one day per IP address.


The above article has explained several free and paid methods to get a VIN check of your vehicle. You can adopt free methods, VinPit or NIBC as mentioned, and paid methods that include CARFAX, AutoCheck, VINCheck Pro. All these ways allow you to get a full report about the vehicle's history, including make, model, and country. In addition, you will also get a theft or damage report that helps you to decide between buying any vehicle.

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