Intel vs. Apple has brewed yet again in COMPUTEX 2021 after the keynote presentation made by the Santa Clara-based semiconductor manufacturer, which said that the MacBooks are not for gaming. Apple gets dissed again by Intel. This long-running rivalry has brought shades to each of the companies' products, highlighting the flaws against the other.

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Intel has launched different campaigns against Apple earlier this year, one with the "PC vs. Mac" campaign that got former "I'm a Mac" guy, Justin Long, to promote an Intel-based laptop. However, it did not stop there, especially as Intel has expressed their plans to produce the Apple Silicon chip, the M1, for the Cupertino giant, but it is unclear if it would push through.

The anti-M1 ads were regarded by the Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger as "competitive fun" only, and that it only did it to promote their products against its competitor in the market. It is known that Apple ended almost two decades of partnership with Intel after switching to the M1, and it brought massive loss against the Santa Clara company.

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Intel vs. Apple in COMPUTEX 2021

Intel Disses Apple's MacBook
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In the recent keynote speech of Intel at the global event of COMPUTEX 2021, the company has released a new presentation that tarnishes Apple's name in the process, saying that Intel's processors are better. The presentation said that Intel's i5 H-Series is better than the MacBook Pro with a 9th generation Core i9 fitted in the device.

Intel also went as far as saying that gamers skip the MacBook and the macOS because most games in the market do not provide compatibility with them, and vice versa. Most users opt for Windows immediately when choosing a PC for gaming, and Intel made it clear that Windows gaming with Intel processors was the top preference.

Additionally, Intel's benchmark and performance graphs and data showed how much the Apple MacBook trailed behind Windows laptops in terms of gaming, especially those using different parts from them.

Are MacBooks not for Gaming?

Intel Disses Apple's MacBook
(Photo : Intel via COMPUTEX 2021)

While Apple markets MacBooks (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) for mostly an office-used laptop including that of editing, and other high-performance processes, Cupertino does not focus much on games. Apple Arcade is the closest gaming is to MacBooks, and games present there are not those high-process ones, unlike the ones offered in Windows.

Surely, there are limited games that are present for MacBooks as of now, particularly with the macOS, as most developers do not opt to create a Mac version, or Apple does not allow them for the venture.

However, Apple has given an interest in gaming in recent speculations and the development of the M-series silicon chips for the future of Mac.

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