Facebook Users Report Pictures Not Loading : Users Complain That They Couldn't See Any Photos in Their Feeds
(Photo : Solen Feyissa from Unsplash) Facebook Pictures Down

Facebook users have encountered a new problem in the app: pictures are not loading instantly. The latest concern that surfaced online involves issues about the sharing and image-posting features of the platform. According to the users, the situation continues to exist and they have no idea how long it will last this week.

Facebook Users Raise Concerns About Images Could Not Be Loaded

Facebook Users Report Pictures Not Loading : Users Complain That They Couldn't See Any Photos in Their Feeds
(Photo : Solen Feyissa from Unsplash)
Facebook Pictures Down

According to Express UK's report, several users of the app have confirmed that the latest issue of "not loading" Facebook pictures happened on Wednesday, Jun. 2.

However, the social media giant has not yet released any statement about what exactly occurred. Also, we are not yet sure how long the problem will persist since users could not still see the images in their news feeds.

Meanwhile, other users said that the problems that they have experienced could not possibly be encountered by everyone since some reported that they have stumbled upon the issue on their iOS devices.

Others do not complain about the same operating system and yet, there are still those who run into trouble using their Android gadgets. In short, the wide-range problems would depend on the system that the users utilize during the period of accessing the Facebook app.

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From someone's own experience, the pictures could not load past the first image inside the album. It also happens when the user clicks the next photos in his/her profile pictures.

According to one user who posted a status addressed to the social media company, all his friends could not view the photos in the app. At the same time, they are all undergoing the same struggle. Currently, all he hopes is for the app to return to its normal function in the soonest possible time.

Another Facebook user commented that it is impossible for the app to display more than one photo using the iPad or the iPhone. Even though he already restarted the device and cleared all the data and cache, the problem was still there so he ruled it out as an outage.

Over Twitter, the concerned individuals have voiced out the disturbance that took place on the platform. One user has assumed that his Facebook account was hacked since the pictures did not appear when he clicked them. Later, he restarted his internet connection, but the Facebook pictures remained down.

Facebook Pictures Down: Simple Steps That Could Solve the Issue

According to Facebook's troubleshooting page, you can update your browser to fix the issue of seeing empty, broken, or black images in your feed. It could also work for those who can't view any images in the app.

For those who have a hard time loading a video, you can solve it by installing the latest version of your internet browser. Updating your Adobe Flash Player could help you get out of this hole, as well.

If none of the procedures work for you, you can submit a Report ticket to Facebook using your account so we could see what the social media app could do to address the issue.

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