Kosher Jewcoin NFT Certificate Received the Israeli Minister of Finance
(Photo : Kosher Jewcoin NFT Certificate Received the Israeli Minister of Finance)

The decentralized finance market was enriched with a new project in the form of The First Kosher DAO Ecosystem. It started with a joke that created a meme coin. As a result, the token is now the main unit of account of the JewDAO kosher ecosystem, which has received approval from respected rabbis, the majority of the Jewish community.

Just the other day, Israeli Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman received an honorary certificate from JewCoin DAO representatives, entitling him to own the collectible NFT Digital Hamsa. In addition, Inna Zilbergerz, CEO of NDI's "Our House Israel" party, received the certificate!


JewCoin is based on the world's first concept of archiving Jewish heritage and tokenization of scriptures using blockchain. This ideology led the project team to realize the main driver of the ecosystem, in the form of The First Digital NFT Torah. In fact, they are deploying the Torah commandments on blockchain, which has generated quite a bit of interest from the Jewish community and the entire crypto-community.

The developers of JewCoin have obviously gone further than creating the usual meme-based cryptocurrency. The market is already overflowing with meaningless tokens, which are mostly just a tool to suck investors' money. And in an effort to give people more options, from the first kosher NFT collection of commandments comes a range of digital products that will contain songs, prayers, poems, excerpts, books, stories, music, anything that might relate to Jewish themes. NFT Mezuzahs, Hamsa, various sacred items, some of which are already available in JewCoin.

Note that there are 3 types of NFT Digital Hamsa crypto-amulets available in JewCoin ecosystem, and everyone who benefits the community in some way can get them:

  • Simple NFT Digital Hamsa, which can be purchased on NFT platforms for 0.1 ETH or received for buying and holding a minimum of 7 units of JEW tokens for 30 days on your wallet balance.

  • The NFT Rabbi Hamsa, signed by respected rabbis, which can be bought on NFT-platforms for 1 ETH or received for free for useful community activity. For example, for a supportive post on social media and keeping it for 30 days without deleting it.

  • A unique NFT Blessed Hamsa worth 10 ETH on NFT-platforms, which contains Cohen's blessing.

It is also noteworthy that the entire tokenomics of JewCoin is built on the concept of the Jewish tithe, מעשר ראשון (ma'aser rishon). That is, the entire issue of JEW tokens is distributed at 10% and blocked for various tasks. Including a portion of JewCoin's working capital, in the form of 10%, goes to synagogues, supporting all Jewish people and in support of emerging Jewish projects in the digital marketplace!

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