This coming Father's Day on June 20, give your dad the gift of music with exclusive deals from Deezer - set to provide him with the best quality audio to accompany him at work or while enjoying his days off.

For all the dads who play Jimi Hendrix, Santana, or England Dan & John Ford Coley quietly as they labor on their workshops, or for the dads who blast Van Halen, Queen, and KISS from the living room, Deezer has a special Father's Day gift to give them the most out of their listening experience with Deezer HiFi. The music streaming service even includes to its immersive 350 by Deezer - a separate mobile app that offers digitally remastered tracks for that actual three-dimensional, full-surround sound.

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Get Deezer HiFi This Father's Day

Deezer HiFi offers a selection of songs in High Fidelity (HiFi) format, a lossless FLAC audio version that's as clear and crisp as you'd hear right from a CD. HiFi is the perfect format for high-quality music files as it offers the full range of sound frequencies audible to the human ear while still compressing the file to ensure it doesn't take up too much of your storage space.

Get Deezer HiFi for your dad this Father's Day and enjoy:

  • A music library that includes over 70 million 'High Fidelity" tracks
  • Exclusive access to the recently launched HiFi Room. The unique experience was expressly designed with audiophiles - music lovers - in mind. As a portal of only HiFi content, it contains exclusive "HiFi Experience" curated by Deezer's own editorial staff, covering a wide range of musical periods and genres - enough to give every kind of dad a mind-blowing musical experience.
  • A HiFi Gold playlist series: a regularly updated selection of songs, also all in lossless FLAC audio format, that includes a HiFi listening recommendation lists from the global superstars themselves.
  • A dedicated customer service platform only for this section of Deezer, ensuring that all your needs and concerns are met with assistance from competent and dedicated personnel.
  • Thousands of professionally curated playlists of genres across the globe. From anime OSTs, to Ska, to Heavy Metal: name the music genre your dad likes, Deezer has it. Making a memorable Father's Day for you and for everyone in the home.
  • A personal Flow service- Deezer's exclusive service that gives you customized playlists and recommendations tailored to your dad's music preferences: the songs he plays and those he likes.

Sign up for your dad this Father's Day and enjoy three months of quality music streaming for absolutely free. After that, the high-quality Deezer service is only $14.99 a month.

About Deezer

The French online music streaming service was originally founded back in August 2007 in Paris. Users can choose from a huge library of over 70 million licensed songs in the service, with over 30,000 affiliated radio channels in its service. Deezer currently enjoys close to 20 million active monthly users and is available across a wide selection of devices.

Learn more about Deezer through its official website.

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