One of the Largest Volunteer-Based Nonprofit Called 'Operation Smiles' Starts Accepting Crypto Donations
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) One of the Largest Volunteer-Based Nonprofit Called 'Operation Smiles' Starts Accepting Crypto Donations

One of the largest volunteer-based nonprofit known as Operation Smiles has finally decided to start accepting crypto donations.

The nonprofit organization is now open to accepting certain coins, like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. For those that don't know, the nonprofit is a particular surgical volunteer-based outfit responsible for helping people with existing cleft conditions eventually improve their lifestyle.

Operation Smiles Join Nonprofit List Accepting Crypto

The nonprofit is also included in a whole growing list of other well known companies and other charitable organizations that are all leveraging crypto acceptance. Other nonprofits like The Skatepark Project, Tony Hawk Foundation, and even utilize the donations that come from crypto assets.

On July 18, 2021, Operation Smiles, currently known as one of the largest and active surgical volunteer-based nonprofit around the world, revealed that it would start accepting different types of digital asset donations.

The organization was invoked back in 1982 to help leverage donations, volunteers, and also both public and private partnerships in order to help improve the lives of people that are struggling with certain cleft conditions.

Cryptocurrency Donation Announcement

The announcement also notes that cryptocurrency donations are going to help bolster the main mission of Operation Smile, which is to help increase the total accessibility of surgical care in certain underserved communities existing all around the world.

This is to help patients be able to live their lives with improved health and dignity.

According to the story by, Bill Magee, Operation Smile cofounder and CEO, explained that they felt like it was finally the time to provide certain cryptocurrency investors the opportunity for them to be able to extend their generosity towards the families and children that they serve.

It was stated that the need for cleft surgery and ongoing care in the world is quite significant.

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Operation Smiles Uses 'The Giving Block'

The CEO also noted that the compassion of potential cryptocurrency donors can help drive the innovation that is needed for them to be able to help other local health workers provide world-class care towards most of the marginalized patients.

Operation Smile makes use of The Giving Block for it to be able to accept digital assets as a form of tax-deductible contribution.

The Giving Block currently claims to have helped create a sort of cryptocurrency donation solution that is already trusted by over 100 nonprofits, universities, and even other faith-based organizations. As of the moment, the surgical volunteer-based nonprofit's announcement points out that the organization is very committed in providing patients with health that is made to last.

Included in the announcement is being there to offer additional surgeries to patients, dentistry, speech therapy, psychological services, along with some other essential cleft treatments.

Operation Smile notes that over five billion individuals around the globe still do not have any access to affordable and timely surgical care.

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