Nikon Z FC is the manufacturer's latest mirrorless camera. Unlike other photography gadgets, it combines retro-type physical design and a modern DX-class sensor and other high-end features. 

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Nikon Z FC Advanced Review: Retro Mirrorless Cam With Modern DX-Class Sensor?

The giant camera developer announced its new Z FC mirrorless cam this Tuesday, June 29. Nikon confirmed that this new advanced device will cost $960. When it comes to design, the new mirrorless cam Nikon Z FC offers two-toned black and silver.

Old-school Nikon film cameras inspire this physical design. These include the popular Nikon FM2. On the other hand, the company also integrated some new enhancements.

Some consumers said that the new Nikon mirrorless camera feels like a cheaper successor of the recent Nikon DF. However, they still have some major differences. These include Z FC as a mirrorless camera while DF is a DSLR.

Nikon Z FC's Other Features

According to Gizmodo's latest report, the new Nikon Z FC sports a DX-format 20.9MP camera sensor. This feature offers 209 AF points, as well as an 11 fps capability. On the other hand, Nikon's new mirrorless camera also offers 4K video capture at up to 30 fps, which is comparable to the previous Nikon Z50.

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However, Nikon Z FC doesn't support in-body stabilization since it is not common for mirrorless cameras to have this kind of feature. Since this is the case, you need to expect a more shaky video output since it will not have the same level of vibration reduction offered by Nikon DF and other Nikon DLSR models.

Although this is the case, you will still get the camera with a dedicated mode dial along with physical dials for exposure compensation, ISO, and shutter speed. On the other hand, Nikon Z FC's body is also wrapped in faux leather material.

This gives some extra texture and style, making it look like a retro mirrorless camera.

Difference of DSLR and Mirrorless Cam

Sometimes, people are confused between a mirrorless cam and a DLSR. With that, buying one could be difficult for them. But, Digital Camera World explained that the difference between these two types of cams is quite simple. 

DLSR has a mirror that reflects the captured image, delivering it to the LCD or monitor. On the other hand, a mirrorless camera doesn't have this feature. This means that this type of gadget directly captures the image from the lens onto the monitor. 

This is also the main reason why you can't change its offered lens. Meanwhile, DSLR allows you to buy different lenses depending on your preferences. You can either choose a 200mm, 100mm, or 50mm. 

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