How Can Men Stay Healthy and Fit During the Pandemic?
(Photo : How Can Men Stay Healthy and Fit During the Pandemic?)

Gendered response to the virus outbreak could have had a lower impact on health and the global economy. A gendered response could have included women's disproportionate economic and social burdens and men's higher mortality rate. It's vital to prioritise men's health in the pandemic context, and yet no organisation or authority considers treating the crisis according to gendered patterns. Usually, when specialists discuss gender, the focus is always on women, but the latest statistics show that men have died at higher rates due to COVID-19. Women deal with social and economic challenges, but men patients die more. 

How does COVID-19 affect men?

Research shows that 75% of the deaths due to coronavirus in China were men. Reports from Italy also revealed that 4 out of 5 deaths among the first 900 patients who died were men. Even in the USA, the same pattern has held. But sadly, only 40% of the ones who got the vaccine were men, and the pattern of vaccine distribution seems to persist worldwide. So, why does this happen?

Articles highlight numerous behavioural differences between women and men in protecting themselves with masks, testing for the virus, and following guidelines. Some sources even state that men are less likely to believe that the virus will seriously affect them, and therefore they're less likely to get the vaccine. But experts think that men's higher mortality rates can also be the result of their particular biology. Even if all the above factors can be part of an explanation, the way men care for themselves plays the most significant role in how the virus affects their health. 

Some recommendations for men to start their health journey during the pandemic

Practice basic hygiene

The most significant concern in the given situation is how to prevent the virus from spreading. Following the basic recommendations, the CDC provides and practising good hygiene can help. For example, wash your hands frequently with water and soap, clean surfaces before touching them, and cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. Depending on your location, the local authorities may even recommend staying at home or limiting contact with other people. 

Call your doctor if you experience symptoms related to coronavirus so they can determine if COVID-19 or another condition causes them. 

Maintain healthy habits

Maintaining healthy nutrition, sleep habits, and exercise can be quite challenging in times when all you can do is isolate yourself at home, but they're essential for maintaining your health. Being physically active can help you lower stress levels and support your immune system. Practice 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily whether you prefer cardio, weight lifting, meditation, yoga, or aerobics. If you can exercise outdoors, ensure you follow the authorities' order and maintain at least a 6-foot distance from other people. 

Good sleep is also vital because it alleviates stress and improves the immune system. During the pandemic, you can experience anxiety and depression because you're deprived of your usual activities, and they can make falling asleep more difficult. Meditation can help if you're having trouble getting 8 hours of sleep at night. 

Stay active and eat well

Staying physically active is great for your physical and mental health because it reduces the risk of cancer and mental health issues. So walk those 12,000 steps daily, train at home, do some work in the garden, walk your dog, play with the children, and do your best to stay active even if you're isolated at home.

Besides working out daily, you should also watch your nutrition. Now that you have plenty of time at home, you can get more creative with your meals and cook some complex recipes. Add the healthy ingredients your body needs to function correctly.  

Boost your immune system naturally

A strong immune system has never been more important than today. Your body is constantly under attack (even without the COVID-19 lurking around the corner) because you face unprecedented daily exposure to many dangerous factors. Where immune health is concerned, you probably know the basics, you need to have a proper diet, rest, and hydration. But the list is incomplete because having a properly optimised and balanced hormone system is also essential. The endocrine system is directly responsible for the immune system, and one of the main functions of your hormones is to tell your body to fend off viruses and bacteria. If you experience hormone imbalance, get in touch with the professionals from Balance My Hormones because they're specialised in hormone therapies for men that can help you live a healthy life.  

Be sun smart

Getting outside the house and breathing some fresh air is a great way to boost your health and relieve stress. But it's necessary when you get outdoors to protect yourself from the spread of the coronavirus and keep a 6-foot distance from other people. And you should also protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, both during the summer and colder days because the sun rays are dangerous even when the temperatures drop. Wear sunscreen with factor 30+ and protective clothing when you go outdoors. During summer, avoid leaving the house between 11 am and 3 pm, so you can enjoy the benefits of the sun without risking developing skin cancer

Watch out how much you drink and smoke

Even if bars and restaurants are still closed in some states, it's easy to buy alcohol. But drinking at home can easily lead to an overpour that can damage your immune system and overall health. Pay attention to how much alcohol you consume, and ensure you never excess on any beverage. 

The same goes with smoking. Being isolated at home can make you smoke more to alleviate your stress and anxiety, but tobacco can cause multiple illnesses and cancer, and you should use the time in isolation to overcome your bad habits. You can easily track the amount you're smoking and slowly reduce it to be tobacco free when the pandemic is over. 

Stick with the healthy habits

Understandably, you don't feel motivated to keep up with healthy habits during the pandemic, but the correct response would be to care for yourself. 

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