Challenges and Concerns Associated with CR2 Image Format Files and Best Solution
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Cannon's new and old users may have undoubtedly experienced CR2 file opening problems. Fortunately, CR2 files offer a lot of exceptional benefits, but managing them is a little tricky. CR2 is a standard digital format for photos taken from a Canon camera. CR2 is an abbreviation for Canon Raw 2nd edition. 

The RAW format image file is not processed by a camera sensor, so it is huge and makes editing better than JPG images files. Each photograph is made available in the raw, unedited version in a digital version that reveals the precise detail the photographer desires to portray. The original image quality offers a genuine feel and purpose, but the editing process is essential to resemble the meaning and quality of each photo. 

Challenges and concerns about CR2 files

The major issue with the CR2 file is that it is large and difficult to edit. To rectify this problem, they need to be converted into a different extension. CR2 image files are of high-quality, large, and uncompressed image files. This format is often employed for 3D modeling. CR2 format is still in its infancy and not popular like JPG files. However, some programs open CR2 files directly, but in many cases, there is a need to use CR2 to JPG converter.

When CR2 is employed in the business environment, the size creates storage issues. It is also a hard file format to share with team members and clients during a project. Therefore, conversion is the solution but it has lots of downsides. Companies can use the digital asset management system to handle the huge CR2 images. DAM offers unlimited space allowing businesses to organize CR2 photos as they determine which to edit and use in the project. 

When not convert the CR2 to JPG?

File size and compatibility are two key aspects to consider while converting files. Therefore, you will find a converter for every file format available. Nevertheless, it is better at times to leave things as they are in CR2 format. While editing the photographs leave the original RAW format as it is. After completing the changes, export the photos in JPG format. This is a better way to maintain the picture quality. RAW images are of high quality and if changes are made to them the quality will not degrade. Besides, you can undo the entire editing process.  

If you desire to edit the photographs and convert them into masterpieces then perform changes in RAW format that is CR2. In the end, convert CR2 into JPG and share. 

How to convert the CR2 format to JPG?

If you are doing the process offline then use editing programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, or iPhoto. If you are considering conversion online then there are several online tools but finding a reliable converter is tricky.

Offline CR2 to JPG conversion

Use Adobe Photoshop

  • Open CR2 with Adobe Photoshop from the 'File' option.
  • Locate the CR2 file and click the open picture button.
  • From the 'File' option choose 'Export as' and click.
  • In 'Export As' choose JPG and press the 'Export All' button.
  • Your conversion of CR2 to JPG is complete.

Online CR2 to JPG conversion

There are free conversion tools available online that help to convert CR2 files into JPG quickly. However, if you are in a business that needs regular conversion of images and photographs then choose the reliable reaConverter. It is easy to download, install, and set up for a non-technician person. You can load your CR2 files in batch because the software supports batch conversion. Thus, your energy and time are saved from the repetitive process.

  • Download, install and set up the program. You don't need to be a tech expert to understand its operating process. It is user-friendly. 
  • Start the software. Either drag & drop or load the CR2 files you want to transform into JPG. Batch conversion is possible, so take advantage of it. 
  • From the savings option choose the output folder, where you desire to save the new JPG files. Spend some time applying extra edits to the chosen images for conversion.
  • Select JPG as the output format from a plethora of format options available at the window's bottom side. 
  • Now, click on the Start icon and conversion starts.
  • Wait patiently for some time till the conversion process is completed. Download the converted file and you are all ready to share. 

Choose your way to convert CR2 format to JPG!

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