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iPhone users can use their device to create workflows and automation quickly and accurately with Apple's Shortcuts app. There are six examples that you can follow to get you started.

How to Create Automations on your iPhone

To create an automation, launch the Shortcuts app on your device and tap on the Automation tab. Tap on "Create Personal Automation" to review the list of triggers that you can use. You can also create home automation, but the most commonly used is the personal one.

The Shortcuts app on your iPhone is installed by default, but if you can't find it, it may have been uninstalled. You can also re-download Shortcuts for free from the App Store, according to PCMag.

As soon as you've chosen a trigger, you will need to assign some actions to it. It is highly recommended to use the search bar to find triggers since going through Apple's numerous categories can take time.

It is also best to disable the "Ask Before Running" toggle when creating your automation because your automation will require an additional tap to run if you leave it enabled.

Also, if you have an Apple AirTag, you can use it as an NFC tag to trigger automation in the Shortcuts app, according to iMore.

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Change Your Apple Watch Face

You can store numerous watch faces on your Apple Watch, and you can change between them. Different watch faces can also serve different purposes.

You can choose a face that you can use for work to show your appointments, the latest news, and stock prices.

There is also a face used for exercising as it has weather information and shortcuts to apps like the Timer and Workouts.

If you are at home relaxing, you can use a simple face that shows the time, according to CNET.

You can automate the process instead of manually switching between watch faces. You can create an automation that changes the watch face based on the current time and day. You can also change it wherever you are, may it be at work or at home.

To do this, you can begin a new Automation and pick "Time of Day" and then tap "Weekly" to specify a time and day of the week. You can also use "Arrive" and "Leave" triggers to set up a location-based trigger instead.

Tap "Add Action" and choose "Set Watch Face," followed by the watch face you want to trigger.

If you wish to disable "Ask Before Running," just hit "Done" to save your Automation. You can also create the same automation for any other faces that you might want to change based on where you are.

The "Arrive" and "Leave" triggers can be used when tagging specific locations. This is helpful if your schedule is unpredictable.

Getting Reminders on Social Media Apps

Social media can be very addictive, and if you are not careful, you will find yourself staring at your screen for hours.

You can now set up app limits by using Screen Time. It will restrict how much time you spend on each app. You can set a reminder too.

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