Green Arrow is coming to LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, but this isn't your garden variety comic book version of Oliver Queen. This is the star and characters of The CW's hot TV series Arrow.

What's more, Stephen Amell himself voices the title character, though you don't have to worry about him being as dark and broody as his television incarnation. It's the Arrow you know, just LEGO's Arrow. Watch the launch trailer below to see what that means.

Available today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the new "Arrow Pack" on Xbox One and Xbox 360 launches tomorrow. Regardless of platform, the download will run you $2.99, or you can buy a Season Pass for all of LEGO Batman 3's DLC content for $14.99.

Aside from Oliver Queen, the Arrow Pack includes other characters from the show like Slade Wilson, Black Canary, Malcolm Merlyn and more. A new level comes with the pack that finds Arrow and his friends and adversaries stranded on the dangerous island featured on the TV show.

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