With all the social media apps out there that lets you post and share photos, it is only natural that you want those images to look good and appealing to anyone who looks at them. 

While a lot of photo sharing apps have their own filters and editing tools, you may want to also consider downloading photo editing mobile apps to your phone for even more editing options you can use. 

If you are not willing to pay, there are some free photo editing mobile apps out there you can try. 

Free Photo Editing Mobile Apps

Photo Editing Mobile App
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Here are some of the free photo editing mobile app you can try out:

Adobe Lightroom

According to an article by CNET, "Adobe Lightroom remains an industry standard for professional photographers and the mobile version is much the same."

Some functions of Adobe Lightroom are free to use, but you have to pay for full access. 

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Like Adobe Lightroom, you will have to pay for full access to this photo editing mobile app.

According to the CNET article, PicsArt has a wide range of editing tools that can help the user enhance photos to their liking. The app lets you share your edited photos as well. 


Google-owned Snapseed is free both for iOS and Android.

Snapseed is known for its many filter options, exposure and color tools, and intuitive interface. An article by Gadgets 360 said that Snapseed "is walking the tightrope between ease of use and advanced functionality."

Despite it, the media outlet said that this free photo editing mobile app "has got the balance just right."


Similar to Adobe Lightroom and PicsArt, certain functions of VSCO Cam are free to use while the rest will require you to pay for full access. VSCO Cam is one of the most popular photo editing mobile apps among users for its wide range of filters.  

Basic Editing Tools Freed Photo Editing Mobile Apps Should Have

There are so many available photo editing mobile apps on both the App Store and on Google Play, but it is always important to make sure these apps have the basic essentials you will need for photo editing. 

Some of the basic editing tools any photo editing mobile app should include brightness, contrast, saturation, crop, and rotate. 

Other editing tools you may want to look for when picking free photo editing mobile apps include sharpness, tint, shadows, and highlights.

Photo Sharing Apps You Can Share Your Photos In

Now that you have edited your photo to your liking using any of the available free photo editing mobile apps, of course you would love to share it on photo sharing apps.

Probably the most popular of them all in Instagram, which has its own sets of editing tools and filters that you can use. Snapchat is another popular photo sharing app that has embraced multimedia content. 

Despite all the many things you can do in Facebook, it is also one of the most popular social media platforms people like to share photos in. 

If you are looking to share your photos that are not exactly personal in nature, you can opt to share them on Flickr, Pinterest, Unsplash, and many more

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