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WhatsApp introduced new features for iOS and Android a few months ago. Users can now hide their activity status from their friends and family to protect their privacy.

Users can also hide the media files that they received and those they saved in their gallery. Now, users can ensure that their privacy is maintained because they can conceal or archive conversations without having to delete them.

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced a feature that lets you undo messages sent by mistake.

Even though the messages on WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end since it is used to detect malware, if you live in a house with a lot of members who constantly borrow your phone, the encryption won't work, according to TechUntold.

The app had introduced a fingerprint blocking feature that lets you keep your conversations safe from prying eyes. But if you do not want to use that particular function, you have an option to hide or archive them instead.

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Why Hide a WhatsApp Conversation?

There are instances wherein someone else may borrow your phone and go through your messages without your consent.

Hidden conversations do not show on the home screen of the app, according to Business Insider.

If you want to create a list that only shows the conversations that you open every day or if you're going to hide a chat from someone, the app makes it possible as it now has a native function in the configuration menu.

Users can recover hidden chats at any time. If you receive a new message from an archived or hidden chat, it will be automatically displayed on the main screen.

For Android Phones

So how do you hide a conversation on an Android phone? First, open the WhatsApp app and look for the specific conversation you want to hide from other people.

Next, hold down the chat that you want to archive and select the icon at the top. The icon is a box with an arrow pointing downwards. After tapping the icon, the conversation is hidden.

You can display the chat by scrolling to the bottom of the chats, you will see the "Filed" option, and you only have to tap it to get back in. Once you open it, you will see all of your conversations archived or hidden.

The process is similar if you want to archive all of the conversations and not just a particular chat.

Tap on "Chat to Chat History," then select "Archive all chats." Once you are done, the conversations will be hidden from your home screen.

If you want to recover the conversations, you only need to press the chat to remove them from their hidden state, according to Solution Exist.

For iOS Users

The iOS users can also hide a conversation by going to the Chats screen and sliding their finger to the left over the conversation. After, click on "Archive."

If you wish to archive all of the messages, go to Settings and tap "Archive all chats."

To unarchive the conversations, click on the "Search" bar and type the name of the person that you were in a conversation with.

If you tap above and swipe to the left, you can choose "Unarchive" to recover all of your chats.

If you happen to change your mind and want to delete a chat instead, just swipe left on the chat that you want to delete. Tap on "More," then select "Delete Chat."

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