Subscription-Based Living And Short Term Rentals Are Revolutionizing The Way People Live, Work, And Travel With NUOVO
(Photo : Subscription-Based Living And Short Term Rentals Are Revolutionizing The Way People Live, Work, And Travel With NUOVO)

We have all heard of many different subscription-based services including entertainment, software, classes, food, beauty, personal products, medical services, etc. These services offer value, convenience, and personalization, making them quite popular with a wide range of consumers and specific niche markets. One thing most people have never heard of is subscription-based living, a new, unique concept brought to you by Nicolas Ortega, CEO, and co-founder of NUOVO, a Miami-based tech-enabled short-term rental management company. NUOVO partners clients with short-term rentals and manages properties for owners. Ortega and his team are launching a new, innovative, and truly unique subscription-based rental housing network that will revolutionize how people live, work, and travel.

The subscription-based travel and living concept is designed to serve those individuals who spend a lot of time on the road and need a reliable place to call home as they move from city to city. COVID-19 took a majority of traditional offices online, and after over a year of remote work, many professionals have found they do not want to go back. Digital nomads, influencers, creators, and more and more people have found ways to work in the digital space, giving them the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere in the country. This has increased the need and demand for short-term rentals, and NUOVO has created a subscription-based model that will benefit those who need to live and work regularly in different cities around the United States.

Currently, many people are embracing the semi-nomadic lifestyle, however, the cost of sustaining a home, or regular place to crash in multiple places can get pricey very quickly. The subscription-based living model will cater to those who need to live and work in different places, offering financial security and flexibility at the same time. Subscribers will have the ability to pay a monthly fee and guarantee themselves a reliable place to stay in multiple cities. NUOVO provides a living solution that not only serves digital nomads and those who work remotely, it is a perfect fit for those in the creator economy as it provides flexibility to experience new locations and cultures, inspiring them to create organic and engaging new content.

The subscription service will offer three different tiers, as well as a custom option offering monthly accommodations in different cities. There will be a bronze, silver, and gold tier, allowing subscribers to pick from different housing markets across the country. Subscribers can also create a custom package to suit the needs of their individual situation. The company believes that flexible travel and living options are the future of both industries and wants to combine the best of both these worlds to create sustainable, affordable, flexible housing options with a presence in all major real estate markets in the country, offering a wide range of rental options for the growing number of people who no longer call one place home.

NUOVO plans to launch this new service within the next 18 months and is working through the different phases of research and development now. NUOVO has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the startup investment platform Republic, offering investors an option to grow with this opportunity, they have raised $2.5 million and now aim to raise another $1.07 million to apply towards business development and growth, product development, team building, and marketing of this new, subscription-based short term rental platform.

Learn more about NUOVO and their unique subscription-based model on their website, and through their Republic crowdfunding campaign. The future of how we live and travel is here with this revolutionary new idea of subscription short-term rental concept.

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