Android 12 Beta 4 is Now Available | Focus on 'Polish, Performance, and Stability'
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Android 12 Beta 4 is Now Available | Focus on 'Polish, Performance, and Stability'

The Android 12 Beta 4 is now finally available for those that have long been waiting for an update! Google has previously unveiled its upcoming operating system to the public and the long awaited update but now, the "closer to official" beta version is here!

Android 12 OS Beta 4

Google has just unveiled its upcoming Android 12 OS release during the previous Google I/O developer conference that took place back in May 2021. The new Android 12 is actually considered the biggest design change for the total Android phones in years!

According to CNet, the company reportedly stated that it is finally approaching the final phase of development along with the release of the operating system's fourth beta! The company introduces the Android 12 Beta 4! Previous Android 12 leaks have been poking new features and security upgrades and now, the leaked information is slowly actualizing.

Android 12 Beta 4 Changes

The new Android 12 Beta 4 is currently available for those curious souls, the Android beta testers. The version, as of the moment, still contains very minimal changes or features compared to the previous betas. For those that have tried the Beta 3, the changes might not be too noticeable at first glance.

Google, however, notes that it is now focused on "polish, performance, and stability" as the operating system has finally reached platform stability. This basically means that the beta version is acting more and more similar to the way it is expected to run during its official release.

Android 12 New Features

There are a number of features that are new to the Android 12 like app privacy capabilities, the one-handed mode, other redesigned notifications, and the newer face autorotate which has also previously been rumored. Google is still expected to provide an official release date for the official version of the Android 12.

According to Android themselves, with Beta 4, the new Android 12 has "reached Platform Stability" and that means that the Android 12's APIs as well as all the app-facing behaviors are now finalized. When it comes to developers, the focus is now directly on the compatibility and the operating system's quality.

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New Operating System Changes

It is now time for developers to prepare their compatible app updates for the official release expected to happen later this 2021. Android also invites people to watch out for one last Beta that is expected to come in the weeks ahead as an upcoming release candidate for user's final testing.

The website notes that the Android 12 platform will also include other behavior changes that could directly affect developer's apps. The behavior changes apply to every single app when they are running on the Android 12 OS. This is regardless of the targetSdkVersion. Android encourages developers to test their apps and modify them as needed in order for the apps to properly be supported where applicable.

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