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Twitter's Ticketed Spaces, a feature that allows creators to monetize their content on the platform, is slowly being rolled out in iOS.

After allowing users to apply for the feature, Twitter has granted access to some iPhone users.

Twitter's Ticketed Spaces

Twitter Spaces is the platform's live audio feature, launched in 2021 to compete with Clubhouse.

Currently, any user can create and join a Spaces on Twitter, but now it will change with Ticketed Spaces, according to 9to5Mac. 

With Ticketed Spaces, the hosts will be able to charge users to join a live Space to make money off of Twitter. The price of a ticket will depend on the host. The cost is between $1 to $999.

Twitter stated that the creators could keep 97% of the profits, excluding the fee charged by Google and Apple for in-app purchases, which means that the platform will only take a 3% cut of each ticket sold. However, if a creator makes around $50,000 on the platform, the company will take 20%.

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According to The Verge, Twitter does not rule out increasing its commission in the future. It may depend on how well the feature will perform. The platform showed a preview of the feature back in May.

Twitter also announced the "Super Follow" feature that is set to launch this year. It is another paid feature that will give users access to exclusive content from accounts.

However, the company has not stated when the exact rollout date would be. As for Ticketed Spaces, Twitter stated that the feature is now being rolled out to users. In the next couple of months, it will be available to everyone.

Users who want to use the paid Spaces must have at least 1,000 followers, and they must have hosted a minimum of three Spaces in the last month. Users who are 17 years old or younger can't use Ticketed Spaces.

Twitter Makes Changes in the App

Twitter is constantly adding new features and had recently made changes to the app. The social media platform introduced a revamped version of the site to make it more accessible, easier to use, and less cluttered.

Among the changes on Twitter is the implementation of a new font called Chirp. There were also changes to different elements that will make the font look high-contrast.

The platform will also release new color palettes. The goal with Chirp is to offer a typeface that is sharp and legible for daily use, according to TechCrunch.

When it was introduced, the platform had not yet committed to making Chirp the typeface for its site. It was supposed to be a feature that users can choose on whether or not they want it on their account.

Derrit DeRouen, the creative director for the company's global brand, said that it was his personal desire to roll it out and make it the font of the entire site.

All iOS and Android devices are updated and will now see Chirp as a part of the site. Twitter also has all Western-language text-align left, making it easier to read and scroll through the timeline.

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