Clubhouse would now feature Spatial Audio for its channels and rooms, and this venture would potentially help in giving the "live" feeling to users whenever they use the app. There are a lot of companies that support Spatial Audio, and it includes the likes of Apple and Dolby which have adapted it for smartphone devices.

The first outing of the Spatial Audio for Apple has been introduced for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, something which is now adapted to the iOS, and for supported devices. It is known that Google has also featured this with its Cardboard SDK venture, bringing immersive audio for the platform.

Clubhouse Spatial Audio

Clubhouse Backchannel Feature
(Photo : Screenshot from Clubhouse Website)
Clubhouse would feature Spatial Audio for the iOS platform, soon coming on Android, bringing the live meeting feeling for all.

Clubhouse's blog post has broken the news and said that the decision to bring Spatial Audio for the audio-only application was something that the company has anticipated for quite a while now. The news was broken last August 29, and it is something that would be available for the iOS platforms for now.

The Android support for Spatial Audio is coming soon, and it does not go with the launch for the iOS platform, giving Apple users an edge over other users. This would pair best with Apple's Spatial Audio devices, as well as its integration with the iOS, which initially debuted in iOS 14.

Spatial Audio will help users experience the "live" feeling, or when sounds are coming from different places inside a location. The audio feature will make people feel like they are in a stadium, orchestra, theater, or other place with a surround speaker set up.

Additionally, it would feel like something that is a seminar or event, just like during normal times.

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Live Meeting Feeling

Justin Uberti from Clubhouse has been credited for the idea and concept. The "live meeting feeling" would also work best when different speakers and guests speak out, giving users an experience where speakers would appear around one's head and have a lot of people talking in turns or simultaneously.

It would be helpful now, especially as the pandemic has extended its restrictions to people to stay indoors and safe, so as not to spread the virus. Moreover, it would work best with surround sound or spatial audio-specific devices, as integration would work best when it is already available as a feature.

Spatial Audio: Phone Settings

Clubhouse Backchannel Feature
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The Spatial Audio from Clubhouse would come as a default setting for the iOS, says the company. It was not revealed if this could be turned off via the app settings or the phone, but the company may soon roll that out for everyone to enjoy or experience.

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