Nancy Grace's Debate With 2 Chainz Over The Legalization Of Marijuana Is As Crazy As You'd Expect


No, that is not a prank headline. This actually happened, on national television no less, and it was amazing.

Rapper 2 Chainz joined Nancy Grace on her titular HLN show Tuesday night to debate the legalization of marijuana. Somehow, the universe managed to not explode due to how utterly bonkers this encounter was.

If you've ever watched the woman, the myth, the legend Grace in action, you know that she basically attempts to prove whatever stance she's supporting on an issue by any means necessary. It's usually sensationalist but always entertaining.

The topic of Tuesday night's show was the legalization of marijuana, of which Grace shockingly takes the con stance. Videos of parents forcing their toddlers to smoke pot form the core of her argument that legalizing marijuana is wrong because that means anyone can have access to it, even people who abuse children.

When 2 Chainz finally takes his spot in the hot seat, he has a great response to that claim: "I'm not sure if you know, but everybody has the ability to get their hands on pot right now, whether it's legal or not." Boom. Point one for 2 Chainz.

Grace shows more clips like this throughout the interview in an attempt to break 2 Chainz, who has been arrested for marijuana possession in the past. She repeatedly asks him how he, as someone with two little girls, could watch these videos and be OK with marijuana being so accessible to everyone. The rapper responds by saying what they did is obviously wrong, but you have to know the full story behind the video before you can judge whether or not marijuana use was the cause.

"Some people actually love their child. Some people know that this is obviously wrong," 2 Chainz fired back. "So this is nothing to really argue about. These people are imbeciles. You can't use this case to define the whole community."

Grace also tried to argue that 2 Chainz's rap music and lifestyle possibly have a negative impact on young fans, encouraging them to smoke marijuana. 2 Chainz was mostly unfazed as Grace disparaged his career — he seemed that way throughout most of the interview, really — even when she repeatedly brought up that he was a star athlete in high school, attended college on an athletic scholarship and had a 4.0 GPA. It seemed like she was suggesting that something must have gone wrong on his way to becoming the 2 Chainz we know and love today. We'll forgive this low blow because of the fact that we were able to witness this:

But don't worry. 2 Chainz seemed to be a good sport about everything. The debate really only got heated on Grace's part anyway. He even said that he would appear on Nancy Grace again and maybe even turn it into a regular thing.

I would be more than OK with that.

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