Video is the leading media used to convey information and messages, being one of the fastest-growing formats in the whole world. Almost everything needs a production, edit, and presentation as people are more immersed in using social media and the online world in showcasing their life, experiences, and feelings.

That being said, a trusty video editor is now needed, and people should not rely on applications that are up and available on the web or platforms now. Not all can be a free and easy service, with the capabilities to bring an excellent output and user experience.

With that, Wondershare Filmora is still the one to be used for an all-around editing experience that can meet all your needs in a video editor without the bulk and hassle required for one. Particularly, the newly launched version 10.5 brings several new features, focused on bringing the best Filmora there is up to date.

Wondershare Filmora X 10.5

Filmora 10.5
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In a world where everything is digital, looking for a video editor for PCs is challenging and complex. There are a lot of choices and things to consider when purchasing one, and not all purchases are worth every buck a person is willing to pay.

Wondershare Filmora is a name in the business that has been popular and known throughout. It has been a popular video editing software that people trust, which can deliver at any time and anywhere, without the hassle of operation.

Filmora still comes off as a "light" and interactive application primarily because it borders on a cost-effective feature that makes it an easy-to-use platform without necessarily being too "childish" or shy of features.

Oh, Filmora is professional, alright. It does not skimp on features and offers what a video editor would need, and frankly, it delivers when needed the most. Moreover, the application is adept for all industries, including amateurs, school works, home editors, influencers, artists, professionals, and more.

What's New-Features

Wondershare has updated Filmora to version 10.5 to bring out the best in the application while retaining its favorite features and trusted functions. The update brings new features, and it only gets better and better for the video editing software, which delivers what a person needs.

Wondershare Filmora 10.5
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AI Portrait

Isolate your subject using the AI Portrait effects. With a single click of a button, you can remove a person's background and keep your subject's motion and sounds altogether. The feature can be toggled via Effects > AI Portrait, and it would automatically process the selected clip.

Auto Reframing

TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms focus on different aspect ratios for their videos, and having to resize one's edit is a bummer. What saves time when tweaking uploads by just selecting them and applying the change.

AR Stickers

Props are so 2000s because now, people use Augmented Reality for almost anything. Skip the use of images that look plain and dull, and add the so-called "AR Stickers" that can give life to a specific clip. AR can potentially help upgrade a basic video into something seen as special effects or objects.

Audio Effects

The video incorporates all types of media, from images to clips and audio. Editing audio does not have to be separate, especially when applying effects that add depth to editing. The experience of using two software can now be avoided, and frankly, the only trusted audio editor for me is Garage Band, which means there is a need for two computers. The good thing is that these new effects are readily available via Filmora's latest update.

Filmstock Effects Library

Are you running out of ideas to use for your video's effects? Worry not, as the latest addition of Filmstock Effects Library on the video editing software will make your process an easy and seamless one. With various options to choose from, Filmora is there to help you decide which to use for an appropriate edit.

Other Features

  • Motion Tracking

  • Split Screen

  • Color Matching

  • Audio Ducking


  • New and advanced features

  • A wide array of tools and elements

  • Can handle massive loads of projects

  • Keep track of projects

  • Easy or light on a computer RAM

  • Small application file

  • Easy to use

  • Professional treatment without the hassle


  • Text options are limited

  • Not that flexible to other designs that editors would imagine

  • Lacks other advanced features that would make professional users free to execute designs, etc.

Is It Worth It? Filmora X 10.5 Review
Wondershare Filmora X 10.5
(Photo : Wondershare)

Wondershare Filmora 10.5 is a powerful video editing software for PC, and you can use it for both the professional and amateur setup. May it be for schoolwork, home video use, and professional work setting, Filmora can adapt and fit right in place.

What remains is the "light" and easy use of the application. It does not strain the battery, RAM, CPU, and other computer components since it is not the software that takes many tasks when it is open. This application is excellent for multi-tasking, which you can use on top or alongside other applications.

Its new features sure do up its game against other professional ones. What is commendable about Filmora is that it can create quality edits on a video without feeling like you have gone through hell and back just to finish a particular project.

The update 10.5 sure did bring new elements for users to explore, but these ought to be used in a limited or special case only. Filmora could have focused more on importing advanced features for professional editors, giving them more accessibility and flexibility in doing their craft. However, its branding still focuses on users who have little to no experience with video editors for PC, helping them get to know the fun of video editing in the case of low learning costs.

Indeed, version 10.5 of Filmora brings the ease of access, improvements, and advanced features that a user would need for its purpose.


Wondershare Filmora offers various prices for its video editing software, but we will focus on the perpetual or lifetime fee. Why? Because it is the steal deal here - something that would save you the hassle of renewing and paying more.

Perpetual Price for Individuals: $89.99

Users are also entitled to the "Back to School" promo, offering as much as a 42% discount for the software, and it would only be available until September 30.

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