Instagram "Favorites" will soon come to bring a feature where users can only see tailored posts which they select, may it be from friends or personalities which they follow. The feature would allow users to see posts from their priority people in the "Favorites," which would then appear on their timeline more frequently than others.

Back in 2018, Instagram's Stories has first introduced the "Close Friends" feature, which would consist of selected people to see the disappearing media for 24 hours. This means that it would only be limited to a selected group of people.

Now, another "selection" of people is coming, and it would be a person's "Favorites" which they want to see via the social media platform.

Instagram 'Favorites'

Instagram Favorites is Coming Soon
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Users can control what they see on their News Feed via Facebook and Instagram, and that is through following or be-friending the only people they want to interact with via social media. Following a person immediately lines them up by default settings on one's News Feed.

However, that would soon change as Instagram has been working on a new feature, something which was spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, and has been shared via Twitter. Here, the leaker showed the first look of what to expect on Instagram's "Favorites," a feature where users can select the friends or personalities which they want to be prioritized on their IG feed.

It would help in creating a tailored posts feed for a user, especially if they follow a lot of users in the platform and would have a hard time seeing the posts of their constants or close friends.

The new feature would ensure that Instagram would have a more specific feed for its users and not a rowdy or random one where people they interact with the least would get shown on the timeline.

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How Would the Favorites Work?

The Favorites would be different from Instagram Stories' Close Friends. Primarily because the Favorites would prioritize certain accounts to be seen in the feed, while the Close Friends feature would be the "selected" people where a person would showcase their expiring posts for 24 hours.

Favorites would have an "add" feature in the setting where it would sort of "bookmark" a person and would let Instagram's algorithm have them appear more in the timeline or prioritize them. Do not get this confused to the Close Friends, as these two are different.

Stories have been an expansive feature already, as it has Stories Maps, archives, and close friends.

Facebook has a feature similar to this but is only limited to 30 people to prioritize on the timeline.

Would it be Worth Using the Instagram Favorites?

Instagram Favorites would be for those heavy in using the application and are aiming to see certain accounts only when browsing. Also, it would be helpful to tailor one's feed instead of seeing random people on the internet.

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