"Do air purifiers work?" That is the question which most people have, as some have skepticism over the small devices that hangs around one's neck and promise to bring a breath of fresh air. It is especially helpful now to those that are extremely cautious to the present society where the air is filled with the COVID-19 virus floating around. 

A lot of viruses are airborne and can be transported through small droplets which cannot be seen by people. No one is safe during these times, and a lot of preventive measures can be done by getting the COVID-19 vaccine or wearing a mask in public places and avoiding large crowds or social gatherings that may be the cause of infection. 

Do Air Purifiers Work?

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The biggest question that a person has now is if an Air Purifier work and how does it help people to filter out the unwanted particles in the air and give them fresher air to breathe even when outside. 

Most air purifiers started for home use only and then for public places even before the pandemic. But now, it has become more popular as it is used in public places that allow dining in establishments or needing to remove the face mask inside a store. 

As regarded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air cleaners, HVAC, and purifiers are some of the tools that are widely available now, giving people a chance for healthy air to breathe. 

Not only do these devices clean the air, but it also ensures that the virus is trapped or eradicated before it reaches a person. 

According to IQ Air, Air Purifiers work and are helpful if they have the right certifications and technology that would protect people from unwanted and invisible air particles. Basic air purifiers can effectively clean the air around a person, even getting rid of the virus which has caused all of these problems. 

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Best Wearable Air Purifiers Now

LG PuriCare Mini - Portable Mini Air Purifier

LG PuriCare Mini
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LG has debuted a lot of air purifiers for home and office needs, and what it brings are a variety of devices that can be connected via the ThinQ platform, as well as some voice control features. The LG PuriCare Mini helps in bringing clean air wherever a user goes, especially in cars, office spaces, and public places. 

No need to worry about breathing dirty air, as LG aims to bring the fresh to a user, wherever they go. 

The device is rechargeable and compact, applicable for many setups or places. 

Price: $152.93 via Amazon

Wynd Plus Portable Air Purifier - Portable for Desktop, Cars, etc. 

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Wynd has a device that aims to clean the air around a person's space, and it would do so with its sensor capabilities and portability that can be brought anywhere. The device can "create a personal bubble" where bad air or filthy air cannot penetrate, hence the protection it brings.

The device is rechargeable and is perfect for desktops, cars, and other locations for everyday safety. 

Price: $199 via Wynd 

AirTamer A320W Necklace Air Purifier - Necklace for Hands-Free Personal Air Purification

AirTamer Wearable Purifier
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AirTamer's A320W necklace air purifier offers a hands-free experience, a chance to clean the air around a person without the bulk and need to hold it all the time. It rests on the chest and blasts clean air to the user for personal use. 

It is a rechargeable device that is available for everyone to use. 

Price: $189.99 via Amazon

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