The author of the best-selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki, has given his prediction that a "giant stock market crash" could be coming this October 2021. He says that even "Bitcoin" could crash as well.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

According to the story by, the famous author even offered his opinion regarding China's crackdown on cryptocurrencies. Robert Kiyosaki noted that gold, silver, and even Bitcoin could crash as well.

For those that don't know, Rich Dad Poor Dad is actually a 1997 book that was co-authored by Sharon Lechter and Kiyosaki. It has even been on the New York Times Best Seller List for a massive six years. The question, as of the moment, is if there will really be a bearish cycle to come soon.

Warnings of a Market Crash

There were over 32 million copies that have been sold in over 51 languages that stretched over 109 countries. Kiyosaki tweeted out that a giant stock market crash is coming this October 2021.

The reason for this is that the Treasury and Fed, short of T-bills, silver, Gold, bitcoin could crash as well. It was noted that cash is best for picking up bargains after the crash. Kiyosaki noted that not selling silver, gold, or Bitcoin, "yet have lots of cash for life" after the stock market crash. It was noted that stocks are now dangerous, and Kiyosaki says "careful."

Kiyosaki on the 'Biggest Bubble'

Kiyosaki has actually been very vocal when it comes to predicting the greatest market crash. In July 2021, he even warned that the "biggest crash" in the whole world could be coming since the "biggest bubble" in the world's history was reportedly getting bigger.

He also suggested at the time to buy even more silver, gold, and Bitcoin. The famous author noted that in August 2021, Bitcoin was able to see the greatest upside. With the dollar dropping, Kiyosaki shared that silver and Bitcoin still remain the best investments.

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Bitcoin, Gold, Silver

He also shared that the main reason he invests in gold, Bitcoin, and silver is due to him not trusting their leaders, Treasury, the Fed, and not even the stock market. Robert Kiyosaki commented on China's cryptocurrency crackdown, noting. This means that China is set to launch its own government crypto coin.

If the United States would follow, Fed coins would then mean that Bitcoin would be outlawed, and the United States would become a centralized government like China. It was stated that this is where US communism starts and freedom would end. As of the moment, another cryptocurrency aside from Cardano is looking into smart contracts. Learn more about Arbitum.

While China is now already heavily testing the digital yuan, the United States Federal Reserve has not yet decided whether they will issue a central bank digital currency or CBDC. According to the statement of Fed Chair, Jerome Powell just recently stated that the Fed will soon publish a new discussion paper regarding the subject.

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