Starting a Website must be affordable & easy for Business Success knows Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond who introduces SeekaPanel to launch a Website in 5 Minutes
(Photo : Starting a Website must be affordable & easy for Business Success knows Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond who introduces SeekaPanel to launch a Website in 5 Minutes)

Every aspect of life moves online with smartphones and apps enabling users to manage banking, shopping and much more via the internet.

It is therefore inevatible to establish an online presence as a business and the most common starting point is a website. It can turn a startup into a profitable business making millions in revenue a year and many businesses then also invest in having a business app designed.

SeekaHost CEO Fernando Raymond has experienced himself first hand how impactful a business website can be as a top digital entrepreneur who started out with a business blog about SEO. His blog turned into a digital marketing sevrices website and enabled him to set up his first business, ClickDo Digital Agency.

Eversince he has helped thousands of business owners, bloggers and freelancers get online with a blog or website, supporting them with SEO and marketing to help them grow and scale their business operations. But his customers demanded more support with web hosting and he understood that he needed to offer this too.

So Fernando launched his second business SeekaHost Ltd. and began to offer different types of web hosting. Because he remains an active member of the SEO community, he realised that many are looking for an easy web solution to start a blog or website. Fernando and his team researched various available web hosting control panels such as Plesk or cPanel and decided to make web hosting smoother, faster and easier. SeekaHost launched web hosting control panel SeekaPanel earlier this year to make website management far less complex and time-consuming.

Fernando explains: "There are hardly any other web hosts currently offering a control panel with an easy-to-use interface and multiple IP class hosting for anyone to get online easily, securely, and cheaply. So, we at SeekaHost made it our mission to offer a web hosting control panel where users can register a domain in less than one minute and host their website in under 5 minutes. Inside the SeekaHost App users can manage all their websites in a single interface, including upgrading or downgrading hosting plans, adding as many domains as they wish and tracking their sites with tools like Google Analytics and Clicky."

So far SeekaPanel users have provided their feedback and here are some of the advantages of the control panel they highlight:

  • full control of all websites registered and hosted in the panel with one click installers for fast domain registration in 1 minute and website setup within 5 minutes.

  • all website data available with one click in the control panel.

  • flexible management of hosting plans enable adjustments to site requirements when needed.

  • enables site cloning/migrations.

  • provides fast backups and rollbacks with one click installers.

  • Includes a free SSL certificate to make every website extremely secure.

  • Includes free access to digital marketing skills training courses to boost website's SEO via the SeekaHost University.

To get a better idea of all those features mentioned and the ease and speed of use, this explainer video about the SeekaPanel may be useful:


The SeekaHost expert team is aware of the growing necessity of a business online presence, especially as businesses without a domain and website are trusted less by consumers, as a recent survey of US millennials by i2Coalition and DNA has shown. 79% of consumers consider a business with a domain name and web presence less likely to be fraudulent and are more likely to conduct all transactions via their business website.

Because a business website holds such power nowadays, SeekaHost offers domain registration and website management at the most affordable rates with a fast and easy web solution so that even beginners can get started with.

For any start-ups or small business owners SeekaHost currently provides new .com domains from only £4.99 ($5.99) to enable them to build their business website at the lowest price. Together with the most basic hosting plans starting at £1 ($1) per month, a business website does not require huge investments while serving as a powerful business investment.

With the fastest and simplest web hosting manager tool available at affordable rates, anyone thinking of starting an online shop, training, or service platform, or business website, can turn their online business ideas into a big internet venture.

About SeekaHost: a web hosting provider with a difference

Offering web hosting services since 2000 this company has grown and expanded over the last five years under the management of SEO agency ClickDo, providing a wider variety of web hosting services like SEO hosting, PBN hosting, before being registered as a limited company in 2018. It now is an established web host offering services all over the world and innovating new hosting solutions.

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