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Facebook is rolling out its co-streaming feature for all gaming creators on the platform. The feature will allow the gamers to team up and stream each other while enabling viewers to navigate between co-streams and select which perspective they would like to see the action from.

Facebook Co-Streaming

The feature had only been available to streamers in the partner program. But now, it is being released in a wider sense. The feature currently can only be used by four streamers at a time, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook stated that with the new feature, they aim to increase the discoverability for creators. They also want to encourage collaboration between the creators. They also want to elevate the overall viewing experience for all streamers.

Facebook Gaming has been increasing its features these past few years as it wants to reach out to a bigger audience from the game streaming duopoly.

The industry is currently dominated by YouTube Gaming and Twitch platform, which Amazon owns, according to The Verge.

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Facebook Gaming is doing a great job as it exceeds YouTube when it comes to gaming growth, but Twitch is still the number one platform when it comes to hours streamed and hours watched.

A massive part of Facebook Gaming's strategy for increasing its audience is building a substantial partner program of streamers with a close relationship to the platform, and they are there to test and give feedback to new programs and features, like co-streaming.

Facebook has expanded its gaming service in July, as it was rolled out to 98% of the mainland United States.

Expanding the Music Feature

Aside from the co-streaming service, Facebook gaming also announced earlier this month that it would expand its music catalog. The music catalog is now available to all Partner Creators and Level Up, according to Venture Beat.

The importance of great music while streaming is clear, but the complexity of getting the music rights, depending on the territory and partner, is a massive issue that creators face daily.

In order to allow gaming creators to focus on what they do without worrying about music rights, Facebook has now announced an expansion of its licensed music for gaming streams.

In 2020, Facebook announced the release of music on Facebook Gaming. Since then, the platform has been testing with Partner Creators to make sure that they were able to choose their music from a solid list without any risk of takedowns.

Out of the experience, Facebook has been able to expand access to music to more creators. All Level Up Creators and Partner Creators can now play background music during the live streams, including clips made from VOD versions.

The platform has created deals with hundreds of music labels and publishers, including Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, BMG, and more. Creators can include very popular songs in their live streams.

Creators are not limited to preselected playlists, as Facebook gives creators the freedom to play the music they want. The vast array of music is available for all creators to use on any streaming software and any device.

It is important to note that a couple of restricted tracks are still not licensed for use.

Whenever a creator gets a copyrighted track, Facebook will release a notification identifying the artist and title. This notification allows the creator to adjust their playlist to avoid interruptions.

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