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Social media is one of the top features of the internet right now, and so are the people in it who regularly create content for other people to see. Before, businesses focused on developing their written content online, but it was limited to business and new websites that might not appeal to regular consumers who typically use social media platforms nowadays.

The continuously changing online content and platform redirected online marketing to social media where people are gathered, using creative audio-visual content. The content creators who are interesting to many become the new set of brands that changed online marketing.

They are called influencers, and the name is a fitting one, as they influence people to get to know a product and provide a grounded view on a product or service. Moreover, these influencers are known to be famous faces on social media, as they have become popular for their work or known personalities already.

Influencer Marketing is a massive thing now, especially as people turn to these online personalities to represent a brand or other elements as solutions to a specific need. Moreover, businesses do not just look for these personalities but also use an Influencer Marketing Platform Software to select the right influencer for a business and maximize their reach and commerciality.

Here are the five Best Influencer Marketing Platform Software you need to look into:

#1 - Influence4You

(Photo : Influence4You)

"Influence4You, one of the leading influence marketing platforms in Europe, will help you make the best decisions for your campaigns."

The company has made their presence known in the European region as the tagline states, but that does not mean that they are not ready for a global scale influence to help those that need it in the other parts of the world.

They bring a lot to the table, and those are not only the "influencer marketing" focus but also other aspects of the business.

The needs of every business regarding marketing would be different and unique, which means that there would be specific cases that have special business situations that Influence4You would be happy to bridge.

Each person is different, and preferences change, but that does not mean the service they would receive would be limited. The campaign would be done with the best means possible, customized according to one's business needs, goals, branding, and other specifics.

Influence4You brings:

  • Easily search great profiles: Access more than 160,000 subscribed influencers on the platform from every country. Detect fake followers via the integrated tool HypeAuditor (market reference).
  • Create paid or unpaid campaigns: Choose to pay or not your chosen influencers to optimize your budget.
  • Launch campaigns on all social networks: More than 5,000 campaigns launched in all sectors with seven languages and 35 countries
  • Avail free support: Dedicated platform support via phone and email
  • Access real-time reports: Creation of automatic detailed reports presenting the campaign's performance in real-time with all the KPIs (Earned Media Value, Rate engagement, number of clicks, views, commentaries, etc.)

The company's reach across several countries is massive, and this is one of the main reasons why the company is one of the highly attributed platforms with regard to providing services to those who need it.

They focus on giving more to a business or person, especially those aiming to start and launch their project or those who want to focus on a larger scale or broader audience.

It also means that the software which Influence4You is pushing for has a lot of features to offer, and those include a database of its partnered or contact influencers who are readily available to provide their service for all client needs.

The company ensures that these influencers are not fake and that they do not use any cheating software to grow their follower count or reach by having a detection tool that would show potential clients any fraudulent tactics or shortcuts.


While some online marketing services only want to sell products, several of them, such as Influence4You, remain honest and trustworthy and will surely help one's business reach its maximum potential for a specific campaign or project.

Also, the company provides KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that would let a business know several statistics that are important to assess a specific campaign or the needs of the client. "It's all in the numbers," as they say, and everything will be provided based on the client's discretion, upholding the legitimacy of the performance of the said campaign or project.

People choose credible online marketing software and services based on those who have already done thousands of campaigns with different business partners and have a growing portfolio to prove their software and platform effective.

Sometimes, all a person needs for their business are experts who know what they are doing and do not necessarily charge a whopping price for the services rendered or provided.

The relationship between client, business, and influencer would not have gotten more manageable than this, mainly as the software provides a one-stop-shop for all business needs, especially the support it demands. The service aims to assist a specific campaign in all possible means.

#2 - Grin

Grin is one of the top-rated Influencer Marketing Platform Software in the country and the world, primarily because of the service that it has given to a lot of clients, with a massive portfolio of projects. The company believes in making the influencer the focus, and everything else will fall into place.

Moreover, it brings itself as the Creator Management platform, which clients are looking for in services like this. The company also offers an easy-to-use platform software that brings several features that would help in the campaign and in the relationships between clients and influencers and vice versa.


  • Influencer Partnerships - Influencers are the main focus of Grin, and this is one of the main factors that sets it apart. Grin built itself to offer the best campaign to influencers because they believe that doing so will make a campaign more effective. With this, the company has maintained a great influencer marketing platform.
  • Relationship Management - While getting the influencer is Grin's key to success, relationship management is also one of its bread and butter. It helps in keeping a healthy line of communication, down to comments and requests.
  • Reports and Analysis - Not only does Grin help in relations, but also in letting its client know the reports, progress, and results of their campaign, which would help massively with a specific goal set by the client and influencer.

#3 - Upfluence

An authentic partnership is the key to success, and Upfluence is one company that focuses on this, especially under its influencer marketing platform software. The service is available for all and is easily accessible by everyone.

The company has partnered up with several of the top global brands that people are familiar with, including the e-commerce company Amazon, Asics, Asus, Universal, Verizon,, and more.

Upfluence said that it has been their own experience to encounter hardships in looking for the right influencer and tools in helping a specific campaign. Thus, they are built to resolve such problems. The company aims to give a platform where clients, influencers, and campaigns can be managed easily, without the hassle of missing details.


  • Influencer Profile Tool - Searching for Influencers is easier. It has several tools to help maximize the search, particularly to look for the right fit in one's campaign, business, or service. The platform also offers advanced search criteria, and it would help filter the results for a more efficient selection.
  • Data for Your Needs - Data and information is everything in the modern world, and Upfluence has designed their platform to meet these needs for the client. Not only that, it does this by providing an organized view of every campaign or project.
  • Measure Success and ROI - One of the unique offers of Upfluence is the chance to measure the success of the campaign or project and all of its factors. These factors include the reach, social media platform, influencer, and other factors that it entails. Also, it looks at the return of investment (ROI) of a specific campaign.

#4 - #paid

The "#paid" or "hashtag paid" influencer marketing platform is focused on changing the status quo and identity of the so-called social media influencers into "Creators."

Yes, there is a difference between influencers and creators, but both are known personalities online.

The platform of #paid focuses on "creator marketing," and it brings a different approach compared to the different companies that offer the service.

Marketing Platform software of the modern days focuses more on making the brands known by partnering with the right influencer to represent them, but sometimes, a business needs a creator for a better reach and campaign


  • Creator Marketing - The different approach to Influencer Marketing is a novel take on the platform, as many companies offer the service already. It might get repetitive already, and it would confuse clients; hence the "stand out" offer of #paid. The creator moves away from the traditional "influencer" by focusing on personalities that can do more for a client's brand.
  • Handraise - Creators find you. The Handraise feature lets an influencer find a campaign that would suit them, instead of a client or campaign being assigned to them or finding them. It is effective on its own, especially as there would be a sense of volunteerism for a campaign, making sure that it gets the full attention and interest of the creator.
  • Creator Performance Data Tracker - Apart from the multiple tools of #paid, tracking the creator's performance can help look into the success of a campaign and how much it is affecting the everyday lives of the public.

#5 - is a platform that also focuses on "creators" and moves away from the traditional term of "influencers" in the market. The platform offers a space for both brands and creators to come around and find each other for easier integration.

The influencer marketing platform software of focuses on an "empowered" approach to commerce, as it drives brand loyalty, trust, content, sales, and more.


  • Collaborations - Influencer campaigns would either be assisted or a hands-on approach, and it would be the client's choice, especially when launching their campaigns via Having the option between the assistance of a Campaign Specialist or doing it alone is open here.
  • Affiliate Programs - Sales can be opened up to more opportunities with's affiliate program. Clients can connect their Shopify or WooCommerce pages, which influencers would then use in their campaigns.
  • Marketplace - ensures that the "creators" or "influencers" they would be partnered with are also their customers that would drive sales and patronage of their product or service.
  • Managed Services - offers the management of different campaigns, advertisements, engagements, and other digital services for the client.

Before the rise of the internet, there was a focus like this: advertisements. Radio, television, print ads, and word of mouth were the channels or platforms.

But now, as the media convergence and digitalization has boomed, social media has taken on advertisements, and it has also focused on reviews and honest opinions from the so-called Influencers or content creators.

Now, it is an essential factor to have influencers write a review about a product, business, or service. Their opinions matter a lot, and social media users trust them.

There is no better way than to give those with massive reach the chance to represent and show what the business is about and provide an honest and trustworthy review, which would generate feedback and brand awareness.

Some businesses only sound like they want to sell their products and do not care about customers or consumers using their services; however, not all are like that. These companies with Influencer Marketing Platform Software services showcase a consumer-driven marketing style without the hassle and stress of undergoing a campaign.

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