Editor's note: Sleep Cycle's premium costs $29.99/year. It also has a free version. 

Here are some of the best sleep tracking apps on iPhone or Apple's iOS in 2021, including Pillow, Sleep Genius, among other notable apps on the App Store.

Top 5 Sleep Tracking Apps on iPhone’s iOS to Improve Your Bedtime in 2021
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Sleep Tracking Apps to Improve Bedtime

As per VeryWellMind's report, there are tons of apps that seek to help concerned folks to understand their sleeping pattern.

These people either tend to get tired throughout the day and want to fix it, or they simply want to understand their bedtime more as part of their betterment project.

Sleep tracking apps go deeper into your bedtime pattern by gathering tons of information from you, such as movement, sounds, and other behaviors during their downtime.

Some apps even go the extra mile to look into the length of your REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. What's more, others even consider sleep disturbances.

Top 5 Sleep Tracking Apps on iPhone's iOS (2021)

With all of that being said, let us now dive into some of the best sleep tracking apps on iPhone's iOS in 2021.

Top 5 Sleep Tracking Apps on iPhone’s iOS to Improve Your Bedtime in 2021
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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This sleep cycle app helps its users to set the alarm for the best time to wake up based on their sleeping cycle, according to Purple.

The $1.99 a month worth app works this way: the user will personally set the alarm on the most feasible time to wake up. Meanwhile, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will adjust it to the time that it thinks is the best based on the users' sleep cycle. It is to note that it will still be within the 30 minutes range before the initial alarm.

Sleep ++

If you're looking for a free sleep tracking app that still does an impressive job, you may want to consider this one.

Sleep++ is easy to use as it only gathers essential data, including awake time, as well as restful and restless sleep. The app also works best with an Apple Watch as it could automatically track the user's sleeping pattern--sans the need to tedious fill it out.

Sleep Watch

Another iOS app to keep in mind is SleepWatch, which likewise automatically tracks sleep information via an Apple Watch. What makes this sleep tracking app stand out is that it no longer requires its users to manually input their data in the app.

On top of that, the info is easy to grasp due to its clarity and use of efficient graphs. However, it costs a monthly fee of $3.99.

Sleep Genius

This iOS app is undoubtedly effective to use as even NASA utilizes this app to improve the bedtime of their astronauts.

Not to mention that Sleep Genius also boasts that it is clinically tested. Although the app can be downloaded for free, there is a premium variant with more features that costs $4.99/monthly.

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Last but not least is an app that monitors the user's movement, audio, and heart rate for its numerous features.

Despite that, Pillow is still easy to use and provides clear infographics. Just like Sleep Genius, it also has a free and premium option that sells for $4.99 a month.

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